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Doroski, D.

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Doroski, David


Barbier, P.R.;   Burdge, G.;   Gabor, A.M.;   Jared, D.;   Johnson, K.M.;   Landreth, B.;   Liu, J.Y.;   Mao, C.C.;   Masterson, H.J.;   Moddel, G.;   Perlmutter, S.H.;   Rice, R.A.;   Robinson, M.G.;   Sharp, G.D.;   Turner, R.;   Wichart, S.

Publication Titles

1990: Continuously tunable smectic A* liquid-crystal color filter
1990: Second-harmonic generation in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1991: Smectic liquid crystal tunable filters
1991: Tradeoffs in the design and operation of optically addressed spatial light modulators
1992: Applications of binary and analog hydrogenated amorphous silicon/ ferroelectric liquid - crystal optically addressed spatial light modulators
1993: Analysis of ions in ferroelectric liquid crystals from hysteresis curves
1993: Bottleneck in developing optically addressed SLMs with desirable performance
1996: Degradation of liquid crystal device performance due to selective adsorption of ions


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