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Dorohoi, Dana

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Dorohoi, D.


Cotlet, M.;   Cristescu, C.P.;   Frunza, S.;   Nasta, Leontina;   Postolache, Magdalena;   Postolache, Mihai;   Severcan, Feride;   Stan, Cristina;   Tonita, Oana

Publication Titles

1999: Birefringence dispersion of poly(phenyl methacrylate)-cetyloxybenzoic acid complexes in solutions
2001: Birefringence dispersion of poly (phenyl methacrylic) ester of cetyloxybenzoic acid in tetrachloromethane, determined from channeled spectra
2006: Effect of Gramicidin S on the Dipalmitoylphosphatidyl-glycerol Thermotropic Phase Transition in DPPG/GS Systems: A Mathematical Approach

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