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Domschke, Angelika

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Domschke, A.


Boehme, Sigrid;   Gurau, Mihai;   Kricheldorf, Hans R.;   Linzer, Volker;   Probst, Nicolas;   Schwarz, Gert;   Wutz, Christoph

Publication Titles

1991: Liquid-crystalline polyimides. 3. Fully aromatic liquid-crystalline poly(ester imide)s derived from N-(4-carboxyphenyl)trimellitimide and substituted hydroquinones
1992: Liquid - crystalline polyimides. 8. Thermotropic poly(ester imides) from N-(4-carboxyphenyl)-4- nitrophthalimide
1993: Liquid - crystalline polyimides. 15. Role of conformation and donor-acceptor interactions for the nematic order of poly(ester imides)
1994: Polyanhydrides, 5. Thermotropic poly(ester anhydrides) derived from monoalkylthioterephthalic acids, hydroquinone and 4-hydroxybenzoic acid
1994: Polyanhydrides, 6. Thermotropic poly(ester anhydride)s derived from 2,5-bis(alkylthio)terephthalic acids
1995: Chain packing and chain dynamics of polymers with layer structures
1996: Layer Structures. 3. Poly(hydroquinone-terephthalate)s with One, Two, or Four Alkyl Substituents: Thermotropic and Isotropic Rigid Rods


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Macromol. Chem. Phys., 195, 957
Macromolecules, 24, 1011
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