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Dolganov, V.K.

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Dolganov, Vladimir K.


Andreeva, P.O.;   Bahr, Christian;   Belov, K.I.;   Belushkin, A.V.;   Belyakov, V.A.;   Bielushkin, A.V.;   Bolotin, B.M.;   Bonnand, V.;   Broude, V.L.;   Cluzeau, P.;   Csillag, L.;   Decressain, R.;   Demichov, E.I.;   Demikhov, E.I.;   Demus, Dietrich;   Dmitrienko, V.E.;   Dolganov, P.V.;   Filev, V.M.;   Fouret, R.;   Gal, M.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Gordeev, E.V.;   Gors, C.;   Gors, K.;   Heppke, Gerd;   Joly, G.;   Kats, E.I.;   Kitzerow, Heinz-Siegfried;   Korshunov, V.V.;   Krohn, K.;   Kroo, N.;   Krylova, S.P.;   Lourie, O.R.;   Malinin, S.V.;   Mansaré, T.;   Meletov, K.P.;   More, M.;   Natkaniec, I.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   Novomlinskii, L.A.;   Ossipyan, Yu.A.;   Pacher, P.;   Pepy, G.;   Pocsik, I.;   Pépy, G.;   Rosta, L.;   Schlauf, D.;   Sheka, E.F.;   Shmyt'ko, I.M.;   Simkin, V.G.;   Szabon, J.;   Torok, Gy.;   Voitenko, E.A.;   Zhilin, V.M.

Publication Titles

1976: Polarized luminescence of a nematic liquid crystal
1977: Display of ordering of a liquid crystal structure in electronic spectra
1978: Determination of the molecular arrangement in liquid crystals by polarization of fluorescence
1979: Intermolecular vibrations in liquid-crystal structure
1980: Inelastic Neutron Scattering by Deuterated Para-azoxy-phenetole
1980: Pretransition optical rotation in the isotropic phase of a cholesteric liquid crystal
1980: Structural and spectral studies of glassy MBBA
1981: Ordered and disordered states of DOBHOP. Raman scattering and neutron diffraction
1981: Spectrum of vibrational states in amorphous substances with molecular structure
1981: Vibrational density of states of amorphous and crystalline liquid crystal substances
1981: X-ray studies of the disorder-crystal transition in the frozen liquid-crystal state of MBBA
1982: Structural states of p-methoxybenzylidene-p-butylaniline in a transition from a frozen liquid-crystalline state to a crystal
1983: Polarized luminescence and rotational relaxation of liquid crystal molecules
1983: Pre-transition effects near the blue phases of a cholesteric liquid crystal
1983: Pre-transition rotational anomalies of the light polarization plane in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1984: Evolution of the coherence of vibrational states in a gradual disorder-order phase transition
1984: Multiple polymorphism of solid MBBA
1984: Pretransitional phenomena near the blue phases of liquid crystals
1984: Rotational relaxation of molecules and orientational order parameters in nematic and smectic phases of liquid crystals
1984: Sequence of phase transitions in solid MBBA
1985: Multimode Polymorphism of Solid MBBA
1985: Optical activity, transmission spectra and the structure of liquid-crystal blue phases
1985: Selective reflection of light in a fog phase
1986: Direct measurement of the time of orientational relaxation of molecules in the liquid crystal 4-methoxybenzylidene-4'-butylaniline (MBBA)
1987: A diffraction and spectroscopic study of the solid states of EBBA
1987: Diffraction of light in ordered and disordered structures of liquid-crystal blue phases
1987: Orientational relaxation of molecules in liquid crystals
1987: Polarization luminescence investigation of structure and molecular dynamics of smectic and nematic mesophases
1987: Structure and dynamics of the solid states of MBBA
1987: Ten phases of MBBA (a new phase diagram)
1987: The phonon spectra of ordered and disordered phases of MBBA
1988: Polarized luminescence in a cubic liquid crystal
1989: Inelastic light scattering from the liquid crystal and solid phases of MBBA
1989: Pretransitional phenomena and optical properties of a blue phase of a small-pitch chiral nematic
1990: Dynamic effects in the blue phases of liquid crystals
1990: The structure investigations of fog phase (blue phase III) of liquid crystals
1990: Transmission spectra of single crystals of blue phases
1992: Blue Phases of Liquid Crystals: The Causes and Mechanism of Phase Transitions
1992: Dynamic response of a blue phase to an applied field
1992: Instability of the lattice structure of liquid crystals near the BPI-BPII phase transition
1992: Molecular Dynamics and Phase Transitions in Solid MBBA (NMR Study)
1992: Structural and Spectral Methods for Investigation of Liquid Crystal Materials
1993: A study of molecular dynamics and phase transitions in solid MBBA
1993: Anomalies of the temperature dependence of electrostriction in blue phases
1993: Orientational ordering of fullerene C70 in smectic liquid crystal
1994: Macroscopic and local orientational orders in nematic glass
1994: Orientational ordering of fullerene C70 in smectic liquid crystal.
1995: Step-by-step thinning of free-standing films above the smectic-A-nematic phase transition
1995: Transmission and diffraction spectra in an electric field. Structure of the fog phase of liquid crystals
1996: Free-standing films above the bulk smectic-nematic-isotropic transitions
1996: Investigation of the layer-by-layer transition near the bulk smectic-A-crystal-B transition in thick free-standing films
1996: Length scale dependence of chiral symmetry breaking in free-standing films of achiral smectic C
1997: Anomalous orientation of films of a ferroelectric liquid crystal in an electric field
1997: Electrooptical effects and experimental probes of the structure of blue phase III
1997: Surface ordering near the smectic-A-smectic-C transition in thin, free-standing, liquid-crystal films
1998: Non-Chiral ferroelectric smectic -C films
1999: Competition between ferroelectric and flexoelectric polarization in freely suspended smectic films
1999: Experimental indication of macroscopic polarization parallel to the tilt plane in free-standing films of ferroelectric liquid crystals 8SI* and DOBAMBC
1999: Polarization in free standing chiral and nonchiral smectic films
1999: Spectral investigations of surface ordering in ultrathin molecular films
2000: Formation of string defects at thinning transitions in smectic-C* free-standing films
2001: Phase Transition to Anticlinic Texture in Free-Standing Smectic C Films
2002: Formation of Two-Dimensional Crystal-Like Structures from Inclusions in Smectic C Films
2002: Free-standing smectic films at high temperature
2002: Phase Transformations And Dynamics Of 4-Cyano-4'-Pentylbiphenyl (5cb) By Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Analysis Differential Scanning Calorimetry, And Wideangle X-Ray Diffraction Analysis
2002: Self-Organization of Colloidal Inclusions in Free Standing Films
2002: Two-Dimensional Ordering of Inclusions in Smectic C Phase
2003: Collective behavior of light-induced droplets in smectic membranes
2003: Structures and phase transitions in polar smectic liquid crystals
2004: Anticlinic-Synclinic Transitions in Superthin Free-Standing Smectic Films
2006: Structures and orientational transitions in thin smectic films of tilted hexatic
2007: Stability of a free-standing liquid-crystal film. The measurement of the interaction between the film surfaces
2008: Different mechanisms of nucleation and self-organization of droplets in ferroelectric smectic membranes
2008: Electric-field-induced unwinding of ferroelectric helix in thin smectic C* layers with soft and rigid anchoring of molecules
2008: Ferrielectric smectic phase with a layer-by-layer change of the two-component order parameter
2009: Behavior of inclusions with different value and orientation of topological dipoles in ferroelectric smectic films
2009: Formation and structure of a soliton in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal in an electric field


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