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Dolbnya, I.P.

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Dolbnya, Igor P.


Aarts, D.G.;   Bouwstra, J.A.;   Bras, W.;   Dullens, R.P.;   Gooris, G.S.;   Ikkala, O.;   Jokela, K.;   Knaapila, M.;   Lekkerkerker, H.N.;   Petukhov, A.V.;   Ponec, M.;   Serimaa, R.;   Torkkeli, M.;   Vroege, G.J.;   de Jager, M.W.;   van der Beek, D.

Publication Titles

2002: Polarized luminescence from self-assembled, aligned, and cleaved supramolecules of highly ordered rodlike polymers
2003: The phase behaviour of skin lipid mixtures based on synthetic ceramides
2004: Destruction of long-range order recorded with in situ small-angle x-ray diffraction in drying colloidal crystals
2005: Observation of a Hexatic Columnar Liquid Crystal of Polydisperse Colloidal Disks

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