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Dogic, Zvonimir

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Dogic, Z.


Adams, Marie;   Barry, Edward;   Beller, Daniel;   Fraden, Seth;   Grelet, Eric;   Hensel, Zach;   Keller, Sarah L.;   Lettinga, M. Paul;   Lurio, Lawrence;   Meyer, Robert B.;   Mochrie, Simon G.;   Oldenbourg, Rudolf;   Pelcovits, Robert A.;   Purdy, Kirstin R.;   Rühm, Adrian;   Shribak, Michael;   Vermant, Jan;   Wang, Hao

Publication Titles

1997: Smectic phase in a colloidal suspension of semiflexible virus particles
1998: Entropically driven microphase transitions in mixtures of colloidal rods and spheres
2000: Cholesteric Phase in Virus Suspensions
2003: Measuring the nematic order of suspensions of colloidal fd virus by x-ray diffraction and optical birefringence
2003: Surface Freezing and a Two-Step Pathway of the Isotropic-Smectic Phase Transition in Colloidal Rods
2004: Isotropic-nematic phase transition in suspensions of filamentous virus and the neutral polymer Dextran
2005: Flow Behavior of Colloidal Rodlike Viruses in the Nematic Phase
2006: Entropy-Driven Formation of a Chiral Liquid-Crystalline Phase of Helical Filaments
2006: Ordered phases of filamentous viruses
2006: Phase behavior of rod-like viruses and virus-sphere mixtures
2009: A model liquid crystalline system based on rodlike viruses with variable chirality and persistence length
2009: Direct Measurement of the Twist Penetration Length in a Single Smectic A Layer of Colloidal Virus Particles


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