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Doane, J. William

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Doane, J.W.;   Doane, J.William;   Doane, Joseph W.;   Doane, Joseph William;   Doane, William


Allender, David W.;   Anderson, Thomas W.;   Blinc, Robert;   Bos, Philip J.;   Boyko, Evan P.;   Chidichimo, G.;   Chidichimo, Giuseppe;   Chien, Liang-Chy;   Chonko, J.;   Collings, Peter J.;   Crawford, Gregory P.;   Cuttino, David S.;   Davis, Donald J.;   Domingo, Zenaida;   Erdmann, John;   Erdmann, John H.;   Ernst, Todd;   Finotello, Daniele;   Franklin, Sean;   Fritz, William;   Fritz, William J.;   Goetz, Jon M.;   Hewitt, Richard;   Hoatson, Gina L.;   Huang, Ling;   Huang, Xiao-Yang;   Iannacchione, Germano S.;   Jones, Chad M.;   Jákli, Antal;   Keast, Sandra S.;   Khan, Asad;   Khan, Asad A.;   Kim, Y.;   Landry, Elaine;   Li, Fenghua;   Li, Jianlin;   Lozar, Bojan;   Lu, Z.-J.;   Lu, Zhijian;   Luzar, Metka;   Madey, Richard;   Marhefka, Duane;   McCargar, James W.;   McDaniel, Diaz;   Miller, Nick;   Montbach, Erica;   Nagle, Darragh E.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Nicholson, Forrest;   O'Ferrall, Catherine Elizabeth;   O'ferrall, Catherine;   Ondris-Crawford, Renate;   Palffy-Muhoray, Peter;   Pfeiffer, Matthias;   Photinos, Demetri J.;   Pishnyak, Oleg;   Podojil, Gregg M.;   Qian, Sihai;   Saupe, Alfred;   Schneider, Tod;   Seed, Alexander J.;   Shashidhar, Ranganathan;   Shetty, Anil N.;   Smith, Steve;   Smith, Steven W.;   Sokol, Paul E.;   St. John, W.D.;   Steele, Lindsay M.;   Strenk, Lawrence M.;   Ukleja, Paul;   Vaz, Maria J.;   Vaz, Nuno A.;   Vaz, Nuno A.P.;   Venkataraman, Nithya;   Vilfan, Marija;   Wagner, Brian G.;   Walsh, Margaret E.;   West, John L.;   Westerman, Philip W.;   Whitehead, Joe B.;   Wonderly, H.;   Wu, Bao-Gang;   Yang, Deng-Ke;   Yaniv, Zvi;   Ziemnicka, Barbara;   Žumer, Slobodan

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1974: Effects of the passage of ionizing particles through a liquid crystal
1978: Biaxial order parameters in liquid crystals: Their meaning and determination with nuclear quadrupole resonance
1978: Molecular order versus conformation changes in the liquid-crystal phases
1978: Spin-lattice relaxation minima in a low temperature nematic
1979: NMR in spinning samples of biaxial liquid crystals
1979: Polymorphism in a lamellar liquid-crystal bilayer system
1980: Liquid crystals: as observed by NMR
1980: NMR measurements of chain ordering in some liquid crystalline lamellar phases
1981: Biaxial ordering of melted chains near the gel phase transition: an NMR study
1981: Direct NMR observation of rotational freeze-out in the smectic C phase
1981: Direct nuclear magnetic resonance measurements of biaxiality in the cholesteric liquid crystalline phase
1981: Measurement on the biaxial order of the smectic C by the NMR spinning sample technique
1982: Biaxial ordering, self-diffusion, and helix-distortion effects on deuterium NMR spectral patterns from cholesteric liquid crystals
1983: Deuterium NMR of biaxially ordered liquid crystals
1983: Extensions to NMR measurements of chain ordering in some liquid-crystalline lamellar phases
1983: Temperature dependence of the Maier-Saupe order matrix from deuteron-NMR of fluorene-d10 in the nematic, smectic A, B, and C phases
1984: Carbon-13 NMR study of molecular dynamics in twisted nematic phases
1984: Molecular ordering and motion within the smectic-E phase: deuterium NMR study
1985: A model of orientational ordering in phosphatidylcholine bilayers based on conformational analysis of the glycerol backbone region
1985: Determination of biaxial structures in lyotropic materials by deuterium NMR
1985: Orientational order parameters and mechanisms of phase biaxiality
1985: Phase biaxiality in some of the smectic phases
1985: Phase biaxiality in the cholesteric and blue phases
1987: Angular discrimination of light transmission through polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal films
1988: Asymmetry in molecular ordering in the nematic phase: DMR study
1989: Electrooptic response of PDLC light shutters
1989: Electrooptics of polymer dispersed liquid crystals; infrared applications
1989: Light transmission and scattering of polymer dispersed liquid crystals
1989: Magnetic relaxation in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
1989: Response times and voltages for PDLC light shutters
1990: Configuration transition in a nematic liquid crystal confined to a small spherical cavity
1990: Director configurations and configuration transitions in polymer dispersed liquid crystal material
1991: Deuterium NMR study of orientational order in binary mixtures: a nematic phase of biaxial molecules
1991: Microscope textures of nematic droplets in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
1991: Molecular anchoring at the droplet wall in PDLC materials
1991: Polymer-dispersed liquid crystals: boojums at work
1991: Polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal shutters for IR imaging
1992: Infrared modulating material comprising a liquid crystal and a medium, its preparation, and IR shutters using it
1992: Liquid - crystal light-modulating device and material
1993: Liquid-crystal light-modulating device and its operation
1994: Impressions of China ... / ... and Impressions of Beijing
1995: Grey scale liquid crystal material
1995: Liquid crystal order in a highly restrictive porous glass
1995: Polymer modified TN and STN devices
1995: Polymer modified and stabilized cholesteric liquid crystal materials for flat panel application
1995: Surface and polymer network stabilized reflective cholesteric liquid crystal displays
1995: Transient dielec. study of bistable reflective cholesteric displays and design of rapid drive scheme
1997: Conducting polymer films for plastic liquid crystal displays
1997: Polymer dispersed liquid crystals: nematic droplets and related systems
1997: Polymer stabilized liquid crystalline light modulating device and material
1998: Novel bistable reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display device for use with night vision goggles
1999: Advances in Ch-LCD devices using plastic substrates with conducting polymer
1999: Full-color reflective cholesteric liquid crystal display
2000: Bistable polymer-dispersed cholesteric liquid-crystal display device
2002: A New High Twisting Power Material For Use as a Single Asymmetric Dopant in Cholesteric Displays With a Temperature Independence of the Helical Twisting Power
2002: Reflective cholesteric displays: development and applications
2006: Magical Smectic Liquid Crystal Tube: Simple Illustration of Mechanical, Optical and Magnetic Properties of Smectic Liquid Crystals
2006: PDLC shutters: where has this technology gone?
2007: New developments in flexible cholesteric liquid crystal displays
2009: Novel flexible Reflex displays


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