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Dijon, J.

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Dijon, Jean


Bowry, C.;   Boyer, J.Ph.;   Clark, Noel A.;   Clerc, J.F.;   Ebel, C.;   Lagerwall, S.T.;   Le Pesant, J.P.;   Leroux, T.;   Letexier, F.;   Maltese, P.;   Mosley, A.;   Nicholas, B.M.

Publication Titles

1988: A 6? diagonal black and white SmC panel
1988: Alignment treatments for surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
1988: New ferroelectric materials with high spontaneous polarization: synthesis, physical properties and electrooptical behavior of some mixtures
1989: Ferroelectric liquid crystals: the development of devices
1991: Design of addressing schemes for ferroelectric liquid crystal displays


Ferroelectrics, 113, 371
Ferroelectrics, 85, 275
Ferroelectrics, 85, 31
Ferroelectrics, 85, 441
Ferroelectrics, 94, 3

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