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Afzali-Ardakani, A.;   Alonso, Ibon;   Andersson, G.;   Archer, P.;   Archer, Paul;   Arenzon, Jeferson J.;   Bray, Alan J.;   Bronnikov, S.V.;   Bronnikov, Sergei;   Buivydas, M.;   Casson, Katharine;   Chan, H.K.;   Chan, HoKei;   Cugliandolo, Leticia F.;   Culfaz, F.;   Dahlhoff, Wilhelm V.;   Dahlhoff, Wilhelm Volker;   Dettlaff, U.;   Ganzke, D.;   Gasser, M.;   Gembus, A.;   Gerber, Sven;   Gesekus, Gunnar;   Ghosh, A.K.;   Giebelmann, F.;   Gieselmann, F.;   Giessbelmann, F.;   Gießelmann, Frank;   Gleeson, H.F.;   Glogarova, M.;   Glüsen, B.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Gouda, F.;   Grinstein, G.;   Görtz, V.;   Haase, W.;   Haluska, M.;   Hamplova, V.;   Hampson, Richard;   Held, G.A.;   Heppke, Gerd;   Hird, Michael;   Kaspar, M.;   Kaur, S.;   Komitov, Lachezar;   Kosbar, L.L.;   Kuczynski, W.;   Kußerow, J.;   Lagerwall, S.T.;   Lagerwall, Sven T.;   LeClere, D.;   Lee, V.;   Lowe, A.C.;   Martínez-Perdiguero, Josu;   McQuire, S.;   Miller, R.D.;   Mochizuki, A.;   Mohr, K.;   Morales, P.;   Nasonov, A.G.;   Ober, Christopher K.;   Osipov, Mikhail A.;   Pintre, Inmaculada C.;   Radkowski, Karin;   Roth, S.;   Rudquist, P.;   San, S. Eren;   Sawade, Hans;   Scalia, G.;   Schacht, J.;   Schmidt, J.;   Sicilia, Alberto;   Stebler, B.;   Vill, Volkmar;   Wittig, Tobias;   Wulf, Matthias;   Zaschke, Horst;   Zentel, Rudolf;   Zugenmaier, Peter

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1992: Investigations on the Structure of the Cholesteric Phase of 4-[(S,S)-2,3 Epoxyhexyloxy]-Phenyl-4-(Decyloxy)-Benzoate in Thin Liquid Crystal Cells
1992: Strong electroacoustic effect in ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
1993: Eigenschaften ferroelektrischer Mesophasen einer homologen Reihe
1993: Investigations of the structure of a cholesteric phase with a temperature induced helix inversion and of the succeeding S*C phase in thin liquid crystal cells
1994: Electric field induced domain formation in surface stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
1994: Investigations on a Homologous Series of Diarylethane {\f1 a}-Chloroester Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
1994: Properties of higher-ordered ferroelectric liquid crystal phases of a homologous series
1994: TGB A* state in a homologous series of diarylethane .alpha.-chloroester ferroelectric liquid crystals
1994: The origin of the helical twist inversion in single component cholesteric liquid crystals
1995: Amphiphilic carbohydrate-based mesogens. 10. Synthesis of mesogenic 2-O-n-alkyl-L-threitols
1995: An optical method for the determination of the cholesteric pitch in liquid crystals
1995: Horizontal Chevron Structures in FLC Cells Induced by High Electric Fields
1995: Horizontal chevron configurations in ferroelectric liquid crystal cells induced by high electric fields
1995: Mesomorphic properties of a homologous series of chiral liquid crystals containing the .alpha.-chloroester group
1995: New diastereomeric compound with cholesteric twist inversion
1996: Additive partial chiral properties of a thermotropic liquid crystal with two chiral centers
1996: Amphiphilic carbohydrate-based mesogens. Part 12. High-yield synthesis of mesogenic 1-O-alkanoyl-D/L-xylitols
1997: Confocal microscopy study of texture transitions in a polymer stabilized cholesteric liquid crystal
1997: Investigations on the flexoelectric and electroclinic effect in a cholesteric phase with twist inversion
1997: Network morphology of polymer stabilized liquid crystals
1997: Polarization reversal current characteristics of horizontal chevron ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
1997: Pyroelectric measurements on selected compounds with rich liquid crystalline polymorphism
1997: Two-Stage Reorientation of Polymer Stabilized Cholesteric Textures: Relationship Between Electro-Optics and Polymer Morphology
1997: Two-stage switching behavior of polymer stabilized cholesteric textures
1998: Continuous versus limited smectic liquid crystal layer rotation
1998: Dependence of the smectic C* layer reorientation on liquid crystalline polymorphism
1998: Dynamics of the smectic layer reorientation of ferroelectric liquid crystals
1998: Formation characteristics of horizontal chevron structures in ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
1998: On in-plane smectic layer reorientation in ferroelectric liquid crystal cells
1998: Polymer network structure and electro-optic performance of polymer stabilized cholesteric textures. I. The influence of curing temperature
1998: Polymer network structure and electro-optic performance of polymer stabilized cholesteric textures. II. The effect of UV curing conditions
1998: The dielectric characterization of a material without layer shrinkage
1998: The influence of surface treatment on the in-plane smectic layer reorientation
1998: The role of ionic contamination in the in-plane smectic layer reorientation process
1999: A review of textures of the TGBA* phase under different anchoring geometries
1999: Dependence of the SmC* layer reorientation dynamics on enantiomeric excess
1999: Freiburger Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle
1999: Horizontal chevron domain formation and smectic layer reorientation in SmC* liquid crystals stabilized by polymer networks
1999: Network morphology and switching transitions in polymer stabilized cholesteric textures
1999: Permeation flow associated with the smectic layer directional instability
1999: Polymer network-stabilized liquid crystals
1999: Smectic-A*-smectic-C* transition in a ferroelectric liquid crystal without smectic layer shrinkage
2000: Collective dynamics of polymer-network stabilized ferroelectric liquid crystals
2000: Domain Growth Scaling at the Isotropic-to-Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Transition
2000: Domain growth in a ferroelectric liquid crystal with horizontal chevron layer geometry
2000: Ferroelectric liquid crystals. Binary switchable liquid crystals are suitable for faster displays
2000: Polymer network-stabilized liquid crystals
2000: Smectic C* layer directional instabilities in cells with twist geometry
2000: Synchrotron x-ray study of the smectic layer directional instability
2000: The effect of a polymer network on smectic phase structure as probed by polarization measurements on a ferroelectric liquid crystal
2001: A study of the continuous layer rotation dynamics in ferroelectric SmC* liquid crystals
2001: Chiral dopant induced twist grain boundary phases
2001: Fluorescence confocal polarizing microscopy. imaging liquid crystal director fields in three dimensions
2001: Fractal growth patterns in liquid crystals
2001: Phase ordering of the liquid crystalline 'B7' phase by analysis of fractal growth patterns
2002: Domain Growth Dynamics During Ferroelectric Switching of Hexatic Phases with Rotated Layer Geometry
2002: Electro-Optic Behaviour of Ferroelectric Hexatic Smectics in the Vicinity of Phase Transitions
2002: Fractal Growth Aggregates at the Isotropic-Liquid Crystal-Crystalline Phase Transitions of Bent-Core Molecules
2002: Localization and Imaging of Shunts in Solar Cells Using Short Pitch Cholesteric PDLCs
2003: Liquid crystalline fractals: dilatation invariant growth structures in the phase ordering process of 'banana-phases'
2003: Relationship Between the Electro-Optic Performance of Polymer-Stabilized Liquid-Crystal Devices and the Fractal Dimension of Their Network Morphology
2004: Aligning and Reorienting Carbon Nanotubes with Nematic Liquid Crystals
2004: Chiral banana liquid crystals derived from sugars
2004: Fractal and Non-Fractal Structure-Property Relationships of Polymer-Stabilized Liquid Crystals
2004: Fractal growth of a conventional calamitic liquid crystal
2004: Growth laws for the phase ordering dynamics of the B1 phase of a bent-core liquid crystal
2004: Time resolved statistical analysis of liquid crystal nucleus growth from the isotropic melt
2005: Aligning carbon nanotubes by nematic liquid crystal templates - A polarized raman spectroscopy study of their orientational order
2005: Liquid crystal–carbon nanotube dispersions
2005: Magnetically steered liquid crystal-nanotube switch
2005: Quantitative experimental determination of the Landau-potential of chiral enantiomer doped ferroelectric liquid crystals
2006: A bent-core dopant-induced smectic A* twist state
2006: A statistical study of the kinetics of phase separation for a liquid crystalline mixture
2007: Determination of the Landau potential of chiral enantiomer ferroelectric liquid crystal mixtures
2007: Growth Dynamics of a Liquid Crystal at the Three- to Two-Dimensional Crossover in a Hele-Shaw Cell
2008: Experimental Test of Curvature-Driven Dynamics in the Phase Ordering of a Two Dimensional Liquid Crystal
2008: Experimental investigations of a chiral smectic glass-forming liquid crystal
2008: Growth of a SmA* phase in the microconfinement of a polymer network
2008: Probing the material properties and phase transitions of ferroelectric liquid crystals by determination of the Landau potential
2008: Reorientation Dynamics of Liquid Crystal–Nanotube Dispersions
2009: Dielectric spectroscopy of Polymer Stabilised Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals
2009: One- and two-dimensional fluids -- Properties of smectic, lamellar and columnar liquid crystals by A. Jákli and A. Saupe, Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2006, 352pp., US$139.46 (hardback), ISBN: 978-0-7503-0969-1 or 0-7503-0969-5
2009: Polymer stabilisation of twisted smectic liquid crystal defect states
2010: A New Twist on Chirality: Formation of Chiral Phases from Achiral Molecules in "Banana" Liquid Crystals through Elastic Deformations
2010: Chirality enhancement through addition of achiral molecules


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