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de Luca, G.

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de Luca, Gino;   de Luca, Giuseppina


Aldridge, B.;   Aroulanda, C.;   Carravetta, M.;   Castiglione, F.;   Catalano, D.;   Celebre, G.;   Ciampi, E.;   Edgar, M.;   Edgar, S.J.;   Egan, M.;   Emsley, James W.;   Farrant, R.D.;   Ferrarini, A.;   Foord, E.K.;   Furby, M.I.C.;   Horne, T.J.;   Lesage, A.;   Lindon, J.C.;   Longer, M.;   Longeri, M.;   Lucchesini, F.;   Lumetti, M.;   Mallory, C.W.;   Mallory, F.B.;   Merlet, D.;   Moro, G.J.;   Palke, W.E.;   Perrone, M.P.;   Pileio, G.;   Rey, A.D.;   Sicilia, E.;   Turner, D.L.;   Webster, M.;   di Matteo, A.

Publication Titles

1989: The barrier to internal rotation in benzyl fluoride investigated using the NMR spectra of samples dissolved in liquid crystalline solvents
1992: A Comparison of the Structure, Conformation and Mesogenic Properties of 4-Methoxy-4'-Cyanobiphenyl and 4-Trifluoromethoxy-4'-Cyanobiphenyl
1992: Angle of twist between the two rings of 4-cyanobiphenyl when dissolved in liq.-crystalline solvents
1994: A comparison of the structure, flexibility and mesogenic properties of 4-methoxy-4'-cyanobiphenyl and the .alpha.,.alpha.,.alpha.-trifluorinated derivative
1994: Graphical Interactive Strategy for the Analysis of NMR Spectra in Liquid Crystalline Phases
1994: Investigation of internal and external potentials acting on benzyl halides dissolved in different nematic solvents
1995: An investigation of the conformation of 4-chloroethylbenzene as a solute in a nematic liquid crystalline solvent
1996: 16th Int. Liq. Cryst. Conf., Kent
1996: The conformation of phenyl benzoate when dissolved in a nematic liquid crystalline solvent
1996: The conformation of the aromatic rings relative to the alkyl chain in 4-n-pentyl-4'-cyanobiphenyl
1997: Measurement of interproton, nuclear spin dipolar couplings in liquid crystalline samples by combining variable angle sample spinning, isotope dilution, and deuterium decoupling
1997: Short- and long-range contributions to the ordering of rigid planar solutes dissolved in a 55 wt% ZLI1132 + EBBA nematic mixture
1998: Symmetry and phase-selected NMR spectra of liquid crystalline samples
1998: The structure of 2,2'-difluorobiphenyl in solid crystalline and liquid crystalline phases
2000: The NMR Spectra of Samples Dissolved in Liquid-Crystalline Phases: Automatic Analysis with the Aid of Multiple Quantum Spectra- The Case of Flexible Molecules
2001: A Relation between the Order of Solutes Dissolved in Nematic Solvents 152 / EBBA and in Binary Mixtures 152 / EBBA at Different Mixing Molar Ratios
2001: Effects of Electrostatic Interactions on Orientational Order of Solutes in Nematic Solvents: NMR Experiments and Theoretical Predictions
2002: A Novel Description of Short-Range Orientational Interactions Acting on Apolar Molecules Dissolved in Nematics
2002: The Structure and Conformation of Flexible Molecules Obtained from the NMR Spectra of Samples Dissolved in Liquid Crystalline Solvents
2003: Monodomain and polydomain helicoids in chiral liquid-crystalline phases and their biological analogues
2003: Ordering of polar solutes in nematic magic mixtures: Evidences of dipolar effects?
2006: Molecular Ordering and Structure of Quasi-spherical Solutes by Liquid Crystal NMR and Monte Carlo Simulations: The Case of Norbornadiene
2007: The structure and conformation of a mesogenic compound between almost zero and almost complete orientational order
2008: Do the molecules which form discotic liquid crystals have disc-like structures? The conformation of a simple model compound, 1,2-dihydroxydiacetylbenzene, determined from the NMR spectra of samples dissolved in liquid crystalline solvents
2008: The indirect through-space F-F coupling in peri-difluoronaphthalene: is it anisotropic?


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