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Bellini, I.;   Bellini, Ilaria;   Caruso, C.;   Caruso, Cinzia;   Cassano, R.;   Cassano, Roberta;   Chidichimo, G.;   Chidichimo, Giuseppe;   Cupelli, D.;   Cupelli, Daniela;   Dabrowski, R.;   Dabrowski, Roman;   Dziaduszek, J.;   Dziaduszek, Jerzy;   Fazio, A.;   Gabriele, B.;   Gabriele, Bartolo;   Gallucci, C.;   Golemme, Attilio;   Hakemi, H.-A.;   Hakemi, Hassan-Ali;   Huang, Z.;   Huang, Zi-Qiang;   Iemma, F.;   Iemma, Francesca;   Imbardelli, Daniela;   Lanzo, Jessica;   MacChione, M.;   MacChione, Marialuigia;   Manfredi, S.;   Mormile, S.;   Mormile, Sabrina;   Muzzalupo, R.;   Muzzalupo, Rita;   Nicoletta, F.P.;   Nicoletta, Fiore P.;   Nicoletta, Fiore Pasquale;   Picci, N.;   Picci, Nevio;   Puoci, F.;   Saladino, R.;   Salerno, G.;   Salerno, Giuseppe;   Santangelo, M.;   Santangelo, Michele;   Tortora, L.;   Tortora, Luana;   Trombino, Sonia;   Veltri, Lucia;   de Benedittis, M.;   di Profio, G.

Publication Titles

1997: A composite polymer/ liquid crystal material suitable for modulated light transmission, and the process for its manufacture
1997: Angular transmission of polymer dispersed liquid crystals films
1997: Droplet's Size Extimation in PDLC by Sals
1997: Electric, Electro-Optical and Morphological Properties of two Step Polymerization PDLC
1997: High transmission polymer dispersed liquid crystals
1997: Measurement of the polarization field in PDLC with memory state
1997: Reverse Mode PDLC Obtained by a Double Phase Separation Technique
1997: Synthesis and Properties of a Side Chain Liquid Crystal Polymer and of its Mixtures with Low Mass Liquid Crystal
1998: Electric, electro-optical and morphological properties of two step polymerization PDLC
1998: Monomer-liquid crystal emulsions for switchable films
1998: Reverse-mode electrooptical cell made of liquid crystals encapsulated in polymeric layer and method for manufacturing it
1999: A method to produce reverse-mode polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal shutters
1999: Changes in the electro-optical properties of a PDLC system by monomer substitution
1999: Enhancement of electro-optical performance in nematic emulsion films
1999: Polymerization in nematic emulsions
1999: Reverse-mode electrooptical material composed of mutual dispersion of polymers and liquid crystals
2000: Electrically induced changes in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
2000: Morphology and electro-optical properties of reverse mode polymer dispersed liquid crystals
2000: OFF State Alignment in PDLCs by Polymerization of Monomer Additives
2000: Rough surfaces for orientation control in reverse mode polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
2000: Thermal behaviour of switchable nematic emulsions
2001: Characterization and alignment properties of rough substrates
2001: Effect of Surfactant Molecules on the Electrooptical Properties of Nematic Emulsions
2001: Fast switchable nematic emulsions with twisted director
2001: Orientation control of liquid crystal droplets dispersed in a polymer matrix
2001: Persistence Effects and Memory States in Charged Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals
2001: Surface anchoring, polarization fields and memory states in polymer dispersed liquid crystals
2001: Switchable Gratings from Polymerized Nematic Emulsions
2002: Anisometric, non-mesogenic, tailor-made monomer for reverse-mode shutters
2002: Flow-induced grating from cholesteric mixtures
2002: From nematic emulsions to polymer dispersed liquid crystals
2002: Liquid crystal orientation in elliptic droplets in nematic emulsions
2002: Reverse-Mode Operation Switchable Nematic Emulsions
2003: Nematic liquid crystal droplets with an enhanced quasi-linear electro-optical response
2004: Electrochromism in switchable nematic emulsions
2004: Fine adjustment of conductivity in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
2005: Cholesteric Emulsions for Colored Displays
2005: Electrochromic Polymer-Dispersed Liquid-Crystal Film: A New Bifunctional Device
2005: Photochromic reverse mode polymer dispersed liquid crystals
2005: The electro-optical properties of 'charged' PDLCs
2006: Photoswitching in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
2006: The electro-optical and electrochromic properties of electrolyte-liquid crystal dispersions
2007: New Liquid Crystalline Stilbene Derivatives Containing 1,2-Dienylalkoxy Chains
2007: The electro-optical response of nematic emulsions
2007: The synthesis of new liquid - crystalline mesogens containing bicyclohexane units
2008: Morphology and electro-optical properties of nematic liquid crystal/AerosilŪ nanoparticle composites
2008: New ferroelectric liquid crystals for high-performance optical devices
2008: UV tuning of the electro-optical and morphology properties in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
2009: High Contrast Reverse Mode PDLC Films: A Morphologic and Electro-Optical Analysis


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