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de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye, J.-L.

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de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye, J.L.

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de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye, Jean-Louis


Ambs, P.;   Bellini, B.;   Berthele, P.;   Birch, M.;   Caillaud, B.;   Cambon, P.;   Crossland, W.A.;   Dehaese, O.;   Dupont, L.;   Dupont, Laurent;   Engström, D.;   Folliot, H.;   Fracasso, B.;   Gautier, P.;   Gravey, P.;   Gros, E.;   Hamam, H.;   Heggarty, K.;   Jägemalm, Pontus;   Killinger, M.;   Krüerke, Daniel;   Lagerwall, S.T.;   Le Corre, A.;   Le Gall, Myriam;   Letort, C.;   Levallois, C.;   Lever, R.;   Loualiche, S.;   Perrot, M.R.;   Rudquist, P.;   Uche, C.;   Verbrugge, V.;   Wilkinson, T.D.;   Wu, Z.Y.

Publication Titles

1990: Recording reconfigurable binary computer-generated holograms on bistable optically addressed ferroelectric liquid-crystal spatial light modulators
1991: Optically addressed spatial light modulator with nipin hydrogenated amorphous silicon layers and bistable ferroelectric liquid crystal
1993: Smectic A and C* liquid crystal light valves
1994: Fractional Talbot four-level phase-only holograms using ferroelectric liquid-crystal spatial light modulators
1996: Programmable computer generated holograms using ferroelectric liquid crystal materials as phase modulators
1997: Polarization insensitive ferroelectric liquid crystal Mach-Zehnder directional coupler switch using single mode fibers
1998: Efficient beam steering in the 1.55 micron window using large-tilt FLC one-dimensional array
1998: FLC-PVK OASLM for reconfigurable optical interconnects
2000: Liquid crystal confined single mode fibre based devices
2002: Development of Large Capacity and Low-Crosstalk Holographic Switches Using LCOS Spatial Light Modulators
2004: Engineering liquid crystals for optimal uses in optical communication systems
2004: Silicon Backplane Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Spatial Light Modulator for Uses Within an Optical Telecommunications Environment
2006: 1.55-Ám optically pumped tunable VCSEL based on a nano-polymer dispersive liquid crystal phase modulator
2006: Long-wavelength vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser using an electro-optic index modulator with 10 nm tuning range
2007: Planar-Homeotropic Transition in PS-FLC Induced by an Electric Field During Photopolymerization in the Nematic Phase
2008: A New Application of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals: Fast Electrooptic Helmet Visors for Pulsed Welding Applications
2009: High speed large viewing angle shutters for triple-flash active glasses


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