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Derzhanski, A.

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Derzhanski, Alexander


Avramova, K.;   Bivas, I.;   Blinc, R.;   Chistyakov, I.G.;   Degovics, G.;   Fakirov, S.;   Goranov, K.;   Gorina, I.I.;   Hauck, G.;   Iordanov, N.;   Khinov, Kh.;   Khinov, Khr.;   Khristova, K.;   Klose, G.;   Komitov, Lachezar;   Koswig, H.D.;   Kubleva, E.;   Kukleva, E.;   Laggner, P.;   Lahajnar, G.;   Marinov, R.;   Markovski, B.;   Markovski, P.;   Mihailov, M.;   Mitov, M.;   Mitov, M.D.;   Naidenova, S.;   Nhu, Pham Viet;   Nikolov, S.;   Nikolow, S.;   Pavlov, I.;   Petrov, A.;   Petrov, A.G.;   Pisipati, V.G.K.M.;   Sagnowski, S.;   Seleznev, S.A.;   Sharlandgiev, P.;   Shonova, N.;   Sizova, N.L.;   Taneva, B.;   Todorov, A.T.;   Vistin, L.;   Yakovenko, S.;   Zheliaskova, A.;   Zheliaskowa, Z.;   Zhelyaskova, A.;   Zhelyazkova, A.;   Zupancic, I.

Publication Titles

1971: Inverse currents and contact behavior of some nematic liquid crystals
1971: Molecular-statistical approach to the piezoelectric propertiis of nematic liquid crystals
1971: Possible relation between the dielectric permeability and the piezoelectric properties of nematic liquid crystals
1973: Liquid crystals
1974: Piezoelectric deformations of nematic liquid crystals in nonhomogeneous c.c. electric fields
1975: Memory effect at a twisted NLC [nematic liquid crystal] layer
1976: Membranes and lyotropic phaseson some problems in the theory of elastic and flexoelectric effects in bilayer lipid membranes and biomembranes
1976: NMR spectra of three nematogenic substances in solid state
1977: Flexoelectricity and surface polarization
1978: Molecular motion in solid phase of some nematogenic substances
1978: Orienting action of different substrates on cholesteric liquid-crystal layers
1978: Saddle splay instability in lipid bilayers
1979: A bulk flexoelectric effect in a wedge-like nematic liquid crystal layer
1979: Influence of the lengths and conformation states of hydrocarbon chains on the stability of lyotropic phases
1979: Oriented action of some solid substrates to liquid crystal layer
1979: Principles and methods of liquid crystal physics applied to the structure and functions of biological membranes
1979: Second-order elasticity and first-order Frederiks transitions in nematic liquid crystals
1981: A bulk flexoelectric effect in a wedge-like nematic liquid crystal layer caused by a radial transversal electric field
1981: Edge energy and pore stability in bilayer lipid membranes
1981: Gradient flexoelectric effect and longitudinal domains in nematics
1981: Investigations on the influence of different amphiphilic substances on foam stability of sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate
1981: Molecular asymmetry, flexoelectricity and elasticity of nematics
1981: On the quadrupole mechanism of flexoelectricity
1981: The observation of hydrodynamic instability in a cholesteric liquid crystal layer having a free surface
1981: Viscosity Investigation of DBS Micelles
1981: statistical mechanical theory for hydrophobic core of lipid bilayer
1982: Broad line nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of p-nonylphenolpolyethylene glycol
1982: Influence of Additives and Surface Topography on the Alignment of Nematic Liquid Crystals
1982: Micellar shape investigations of DBS aqueous solutions
1982: Multipole model of the molecular asymmetry in thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals. Volume and surface effects
1983: Elasticity of lamellar lyotropic mesophases
1983: Electro-optical behavior of a novel strong-weak and weak-weak anchored large-pitch cholesteric
1983: Low frequency electrooptical oscillations in a liquid crystal display-photoresistor system
1985: Effect of some admixtures on phase transitions of Arkopal 9.5-water lyotropic system
1986: Broad line NMR spectroscopy of non-ionic detergent-water systems
1987: Diffraction investigation of transient processes of domain formation in liquid crystals
1987: Generalized asymmetry of thermotropic and lyotropic mesogens
1987: Phase behavior of a ternary system containing lecithin
1987: Phase transitions and electric conductivity in some lyotropic systems
1987: Spherocylindrical and disk-like aggregates in single component and multicomponent amphiphilic systems
1988: Intramolecular motion of biphilic molecules near the micellar solution-lamellar phase transition
1989: Curvature-induced polarization of bilayer lipid membranes
1990: EPR in some lyotropic liquid crystals systems
1990: Flexoelectricity of lipid bilayers
1990: NMR of the Triton X 114 - water micellar solution
1991: Electrooptical effects in the nematic polymer: PET/PHBA
1992: NMR studies of the molecular mobility and supramolecular organization of the lyotropic system (Triton X114-water)
1994: Lyotropic liquid crystal phase transitions in a ternary system
1995: Dimer formation and its reflection on the self-diffusion coefficient
1996: Phase stability of lyotropic liquid crystal systems
1999: Phase stability of three component lyotropic liquid crystals


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