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Denn, Morton M.

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Denn, M.M.


Amundson, Karl R.;   Chang-Chien, Guo-Ping;   Chono, Shigeomi;   Devens, Douglas A.;   Ernst, Benoit;   Gentzler, Michael;   Giles, David W.;   Inn, Yong Woo;   Kalika, Douglass S.;   Kawaguchi, Mark N.;   Khusid, Boris;   Kim, Woo Nyon;   Lee, Heon Sang;   Li, Xianfeng;   Maldarelli, Charles;   Nuel, L.;   Nuel, Laurent;   Patil, Siddharth;   Pierini, Peter;   Pudjijanto, Stephanus;   Rai, Pradeep K.;   Reimer, Jeffrey A.;   Rey, Alejandro D.;   Rochefort, Willie E.;   Shen, Man Ruo;   Tang, Pei;   Tsuji, Tomohiro;   Yu, Xiao Ming

Publication Titles

1987: Analysis of converging and diverging flow of nematic liquid crystal polymers
1987: Influence of degree of polymerization on phase separation and rheology of a thermotropic liquid crystal polymer
1989: Analysis of transient periodic textures in nematic polymers
1989: Gap dependence of the viscosity of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline copolymer
1990: Shear and time-dependent rheology of a fully nematic thermotropic liquid crystalline copolymer
1991: Effect of processing and particulate fillers on the rheology of a nematic polymer melt
1991: Rheology of thermotropic nematic liquid crystalline polymers
1992: Properties of blends of a thermotropic liquid-crystalline polymer with a flexible polymer (Vectra/PET)
1992: Rheological properties of liquid-crystalline solutions of cis-poly(p-phenylenebenzobisoxazole) in poly(phosphoric acid) (PBO/PPA)
1993: Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of blends containing poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) and poly(p-hydroxybenzoic acid-co-p-hydroxynaphthoic acid) (Vectra-A)
1994: A stable "island" in the slip-stick region of linear low-density polyethylene
1994: Numerical simulation of planar contraction flow of nematic liquid crystals
1994: The effect of suppression of offgassing on the rheometry of thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers
1995: Solid-phase rheology of an anisotropic polymer (Vectra A)
1996: Isothermal crystallization kinetics of poly(ethylene terephthalate) in blends with a liquid crystalline polyester (Vectra A)
1997: Visualization of the flow of a thermotropic liquid crystalline polymer in a tube with a conical contraction
1998: Molecular motion and orientation distributions in melt-processed, fully aromatic liquid crystalline polyesters from 1H NMR
1998: Spatial development of director orientation of tumbling nematic liquid crystals in pressure-driven channel flow
1999: A mesoscopic theory of liquid crystalline polymers
1999: Rheology of a viscoelastic emulsion with a liquid crystalline polymer dispersed phase
2001: Influence of Bulk Nematic Orientation on the Interface between a Liquid Crystalline Polymer and a Flexible Polymer
2002: Interface between a Liquid Crystalline Polymer and a Flexible Polymer
2003: Interfacial Tension of Liquid Crystalline Droplets
2005: Gel formation and collapse in a dispersion of a low molar mass liquid crystal in a polymer matrix
2005: Rheology of a dispersion of low-molar-mass liquid crystal droplets in polydimethylsiloxane
2006: Dielectric Spectroscopy of Liquid Crystalline Dispersions


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