Index Name

Dejardin, Jean-Louis

Alternative Writings

Dejardin, J.L.;   Déjardin, J.L.;   Déjardin, Jean-Louis

Similar Names

Dejardin, J.-L.;   Déjardin, J.-L.


Czechowski, Grzegorz;   Jadzyn, Jan;   Sokolowska, Urszula

Publication Titles

2003: Fractional dynamics and nonlinear harmonic responses in dielectric relaxation of disordered liquids
2006: Determination of the nonlinear dielectric increment in the Cole-Davidson model
2008: Dynamics of the Self-Assembling of Mesogenic Molecules in the Prenematic Region of Isotropic Liquid
2008: Temperature Behavior of the Electric Field-Induced Entropy Increment within a Homologous Series of Nematogenic Compounds

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