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D'Aniello, C.

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D'Aniello, Concetta


Ajroldi, G.;   Bove, L.;   Corradini, P.;   Gorrasi, G.;   Guadagno, L.;   Guerra, G.;   Petraccone, V.;   Petrillo, E.;   Romano, G.;   Russo, R.;   Vittoria, V.;   de Rosa, C.

Publication Titles

1995: Influence of constitutional defects on polymorphic behavior and properties of alternating ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer
1996: Transport properties of poly(ethylene terephthalate) crystallized from the glassy state
1996: Transport properties of the mesomorphic form of poly(ethylene terephthalate)
1998: Cold crystallization of isotactic polystyrene
2001: Effect of annealing treatments on deformed poly-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK) films


J. Macromol. Sci., Phys., B37, 15
J. Macromol. Sci., Phys., B40, 1029
Polym. Adv. Technol., 7, 858
Polymer, 36, 967
Polymer, 37, 5309

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