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Das, I.M.L.


Achalkumar, A.S.;   Dabrowski, R.;   Dhar, R.;   Kumari, Suman;   Pandey, A.S.;   Pandey, M.B.;   Pandey, V.S.;   Rath, M.C.;   Sarkar, S.K.;   Singh, Sandeep;   Tykarska, M.;   Verma, R.;   Wadhawan, V.K.;   Yelamaggad, C.V.

Publication Titles

2008: Electron beam irradiation induced changes in liquid-crystal compound 5CB
2009: Characteristic dielectric parameters of para-, ferro- and antiferro-electric phases of (S)-4-(1-methylheptyloxycarbonyl)phenyl-4'-(6-pentanoyloxyhex-1-oxy)biphenyl-4-carboxylate
2009: Characteristics of electrical properties of wide temperature range TGB phases in liquid crystal dimers.
2009: Thermodynamic and dielectric studies of liquid crystalline compound (S)-(+)-4-(1-methylheptyloxycarbonyl)phenyl 4'-(6-octanoyloxyhex-1-oxy)biphenyl-4-carboxylate

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