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Cullis, P.R.

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Cullis, Pieter R.


Bally, M.B.;   Farren, S.B.;   Gruner, S.M.;   Gruner, Sol M.;   Harrigan, P.R.;   Hemminga, M.A.;   Hope, M.J.;   Janoff, A.S.;   Keane, D.T.;   Kirk, G.L.;   Madden, T.D.;   Mayer, L.D.;   So, P.T.C.;   Sommerman, E.;   Tate, M.W.;   Tilcock, C.P.S.;   Turner, D.C.;   de Kruyff, B.

Publication Titles

1976: 31P NMR studies of unsonicated aqueous dispersions of neutral and acidic phospholipids. Effects of phase transitions, p2H and divalent cations on the motion in the phosphate region of the polar headgroup
1982: Phosphorus-31 NMR studies of oriented phospholipid multilayers
1984: Influence of cholesterol esters of varying unsaturation on the polymorphic phase preferences of egg phosphatidylethanolamine
1984: Production of specifically deuterium labelled dioleoyl phospholipid species in gram quantities: A convenient synthesis of [C[11-2H2]oleic acid
1985: Lipid polymorphism: the molecular basis of nonbilayer phases
1986: Generation of multilamellar and unilamellar phospholipid vesicles
1986: On the validity of 31P-NMR determinations of phospholipid polymorphic phase behaviour
1986: Preface
1988: X-ray diffraction study of the polymorphic behavior of N-methylated dioleoylphosphatidylethanolamine
1990: Incorporation of amphotericin B into large unilamellar vesicles composed of phosphatidylcholine and phosphatidylglycerol
1990: Protection of liposomes during dehydration or freezing


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