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Cruz, C.

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Cruz, Carlos


Afonso, C.A.M.;   Almeida, J.;   Apreutesei, D.;   Brogueira, P.;   Bruce, Duncan W.;   Cardoso, M.;   Casquilho, J.P.;   Costa, C.;   Destrade, C.;   Diele, Siegmar;   Feio, G.;   Ferraz, A.;   Ferreira, A.J.;   Figueirinhas, J.;   Figueirinhas, J.L.;   Filip, D.;   Filip, Daniela;   Frère, Y.;   Gallani, J.L.;   Godinho, M.H.;   Goncalves, L.N.;   Guillon, D.;   Heinrich, B.;   Kulkarni, P.S.;   Köhn, C.;   Lehmann, Matthias;   Marcos, M.;   Marcos, Mercedes;   Martins, A.F.;   Mehl, G.;   Mehl, G.H.;   Meyer, T.;   Nguyen, H.T.;   Nguyen, Huu Tinh;   Noack, F.;   Pires, D.;   Popescu, Maria-Cristina;   Ribeiro, A.C.;   Rueff, J.-M.;   Rueff, J.M.;   Schröder, M.W.;   Sebastiao, P.J.;   Sebastião, P.J.;   Seltmann, Jens;   Serrano, J.L.;   Singurel, Gh.;   Teixeira, P.I.C.;   Van-Quynh, A.;   Vasile, Cornelia;   Vilfan, M.

Publication Titles

1991: Study of molecular dynamics in the hexatic smectic F phase of TBDA: comparison with results from the crystal smectic G and the smectic C phases
1992: Molecular Dynamics in a Liquid Crystal of Biforked Molecules
1992: NMR Study of the Long Time, Defect Controlled, Magnetic Field Reorientation of a Nematic Polymer Liquid Crystal
1992: NMR study of molecular order in a liquid crystal with smectic Ad and reentrant nematic mesophases: a comparative study with models for the SAd phase
1993: NMR study of the long time, defect-controlled, magnetic reorientation of a nematic polymer liquid crystal
1996: Molecular dynamics in the columnar and lamellar mesophases of a liquid crystal of biforked molecules
1998: NMR study of molecular dynamics in a Dho columnar mesophase
1998: Thermotropic lamellar-to-columnar phase transition exhibited by a biforked compound
1999: Langmuir films of N-alkylpyridinium alkylsulphates
1999: Molecular dynamics in columnar phases exhibited by compounds of discotic and biforked molecules. A comparative study from NMR results
2000: Structural study of smectic A phases in homologous series of N-alkylpyridinium alkylsulphates
2001: Contribution of proton NMR relaxation to the investigation of molecular dynamics and molecular organisation in liquid crystalline phases
2002: Anisotropic hydroxypropylcellulose films as alignment layers of a bistable ferroelectric device
2002: Ferroelectric Liquid Crystal Electro-Optical Devices Using HPC as Alignment Layers
2002: Packing Model for a Smectic C Phase of a Mesogenic Organo-Siloxane Multipode
2002: Structural study of a smectic C phase of biforked molecules
2003: Rectangular to hexagonal columnar phase transition exhibited by a biforked mesogen
2005: Deuterium NMR Investigation of the Biaxial Nematic Phase in an Organosiloxane Tetrapode
2005: NMR relaxation study of molecular dynamics in columnar and smectic phases of a PAMAM liquid-crystalline co-dendrimer
2005: Peculiar Molecular Dynamics Behaviour in the Isotropic Phase of Some Liquid Crystalline Systems
2006: Characterization by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) and 2D IR Correlation Spectroscopy of PAMAM Dendrimer
2006: NMR Relaxation Study of Molecular Dynamics in the Smectic A Phase of PAMAM Liquid Crystalline Dendrimers of Generation 1 and 3
2008: Deuterium NMR Investigation of the Influence of Molecular Structure on the Biaxial Ordering of Organosiloxane Tetrapodes Nematic Phase
2008: Evidence for biaxial order in nematic phases in the series of V-shaped shape persistent mesogens
2008: How foam-like is the shear-induced lamellar phase of an ionic liquid crystal?
2008: Shear-induced lamellar phase of an ionic liquid crystal at room temperature
2009: Collective Modes and Biaxial Ordering Observed by Deuterium NMR in the Nematic Phases of an Organosiloxane Tetrapode
2010: Shear-induced lamellar ionic liquid-crystal foam


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Arbeitstagung Flüssigkristalle, 36 (Magdeburg) O1
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