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Contoret, Adam E.A.

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Contoret, A.E.A.


Aldred, Mathew P.;   Aldred, Matthew P.;   Carrasco-Orozco, Miguel;   Dong, De-Wen;   Eastwood, Amanda J.;   Farrar, Simon R.;   Hall, Alan William;   He, Catherine Fang;   Kelly, Stephen M.;   Kelly, Stephen Malcolm;   Kitney, Stuart P.;   Mansoor, Bassam;   Mathieson, Dean;   Nicholls, J. Edward;   O'Neill, Mary;   Richards, Gary J.;   Richards, Gary James;   Tsoi, W. Chung;   Vlachos, Panos

Publication Titles

2002: The Photopolymerization and Cross-Linking of Electroluminescent Liquid Crystals Containing Methacrylate and Diene Photopolymerizable End Groups for Multilayer Organic Light-Emitting Diodes
2004: Light-Emitting Fluorene Photoreactive Liquid Crystals for Organic Electroluminescence
2006: Organic electroluminescence using polymer networks from smectic liquid crystals
2007: Heterocyclic polycatenar liquid crystals

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