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Cohen, Yachin

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Cohen, Y.


Burns, Janet L.;   Cogan, Uri;   Cohen, Eytan;   Dagan, Anca;   Faupin, Benjamin;   Kesselman, Ellina;   Khalfin, Rafail L.;   Livney, Yoav D.;   Mizrahi, Shimon;   Portnaya, Irina;   Ramon, Ory;   Rastogi, Sanjay;   Rein, Dmitry M.;   Shavit, Liron;   Tadmor, Rafael;   Talmon, Yeshayahu;   Terry, Ann;   Thomas, Edwin L.

Publication Titles

1987: Formation of solid phases by coagulation of a monodomain nematic solution of poly(p-phenylenebenzobisthiazole)
1990: Structure of cubic mesomorphic phases determined by low-temperature transmission electron microscopy and small-angle x-ray scattering
1995: Phase Transformations in Concentrated Solutions of Poly(.gamma.-benzyl L-glutamate)
1995: Role of Water in the Phase Transformations Observed in Solutions of a Rigid-Polymer
1996: The microfibrillar network in gels of poly(gamma-benzyl-L-glutamate) in benzyl alcohol
2001: Swelling of dextran gel and osmotic pressure of soluble dextran in the presence of salts
2002: Reversible Gelation in Isotropic Solutions of the Helical Polypeptide Poly(.gamma.-benzyl-l-glutamate): Kinetics and Formation Mechanism of the Fibrillar Network
2003: Interactions between inorganic salts and polyacrylamide in aqueous solutions and gels
2004: Phase transitions in ultraoriented polyethylene fibers under moderate pressures: A synchrotron X-ray study


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