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Coates, D.

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Coates, David


Andersson, G.;   Bartmann, E.;   Beattie, D.;   Bone, M.F.;   Bradshaw, M.J.;   Brown, E.;   Chambers, M.;   Chan, L.K.M.;   Clemitson, R.;   Constant, J.;   Crossland, W.A.;   Dahl, I.;   Davey, A.B.;   Finkenzeller, Ulrich;   Gemmell, P.A.;   Goulding, M.;   Goulding, M.J.;   Gray, George W.;   Greenfield, S.;   Gunn, P.;   Harrison, K.J.;   Hittich, R.;   Jenner, J.A.;   Jolliffe, E.;   Kirton, J.;   Komitov, Lachezar;   Lacey, D.;   Lagerwall, S.T.;   Lymer, K.;   Mano, J.F.;   Matuszczyk, M.;   McDonnell, D.G.;   Morrissy, J.H.;   Moura-Ramos, J.J.;   Needham, B.;   Needham, Barbara;   Nolan, P.;   Poetsch, Eike;   Raynes, E.P.;   Reiffenrath, V.;   Rieger, B.;   Ross, P.W.;   Sage, I.;   Sage, I.C.;   Shanks, I.A.;   Skarp, Kent;   Smith, G.;   Stebler, B.;   Tillin, M.;   Tillin, M.D.;   Toyne, Kenneth J.;   Verrall, M.;   Walba, David M.;   Wu, Shin-Tson;   Young, D.J.

Publication Titles

1973: Mesophase transformations for certain Schiff's base esters
1973: Optical studies of the amorphous liquid-cholesteric liquid crystal transition: The “blue phase”
1973: Synthesis of a cholesterogen with hydrogen-deuterium asymmetry
1974: Classification of the smectic liquid crystal phase exhibited by the cholesteryl n-akanoates
1974: Ph. D. Thesis Hull
1975: A correlation of optical features of amorphous liquid-cholesteric liquid crystal transitions
1975: Effect of light on the liquid crystal transition temperatures of 4-(4-pentylphenyl)vinyl cyanide
1975: Novel smectic polymorphic behavior in homologous series of mesogens
1975: Properties of the liquid crystals formed by some 4',4''-disubstituted phenyl biphenyl-4-carboxylates
1976: A chiral smectic B phase
1976: Pleochroic dyes with high-order parameters for liquid-crystal displays
1976: Properties of the liquid crystals formed by some 4'-substituted 4-(.beta.-p-substituted arylethyl)biphenyls
1976: The effect of the terminal trifluoromethyl group on nematic liquid crystal thermal stability
1976: The liquid crystal properties of some cyano-substituted aryl esters
1976: The structures and microscopic textures of smectic liquid crystals
1977: Erratum
1978: A smectic A phase of positive and negative dielectric anisotropy
1978: A variable tilt smectic A electro-optic effect giving stored colors
1978: Electrically induced scattering textures in smectic A phases and their electrical reversal
1978: Synthesis and liquid crystal properties of some 4-n-alkylphenyl 2'-chloro-4'-(6-n-alkyl-2-naphthoyloxy) benzoates
1978: The liquid crystal properties of some aromatic esters derived from naphthalene
1984: Spontaneous polarization measurements on CE8 and CE3, two commercially available ferroelectric liquid crystals
1986: Terpenoid derivatives having a high ferroelectric spontaneous polarization
1987: Ferroelectric liquid crystal display capable of video line address times
1987: Material requirements for smectic liquid crystal displays
1987: The effect of lateral substitution on smectic C formation
1987: The influence of alkyl chain branching on smectic C formation
1988: Synthesis and physical evaluation of novel ferroelectric materials with high spontaneous polarization
1989: Laterally fluorinated phenyl biphenylcarboxylates; versatile components for ferroelectric smectic C mixtures
1990: Liquid crystal mixtures for polymer matrix displays
1990: Synthesis and properties of liquid crystalline materials with high optical anisotropy
1991: Low birefringence esters exhibiting a wide smectic C phase
1991: Physical properties of chlorinated liquid crystals
1991: Reverse mode polymer dispersed liquid crystal display incorporating a dual frequency addressable liquid crystal mixture
1991: Smectic A* materials with 11.25 degrees induced tilt angle for full gray scale generation
1992: Electro-Optic Response Times of PDLC Films
1992: High Birefringence Chlorine-Containing Nematogens
1992: Improved On-State Clarity PDLC Film
1992: Liquid crystal microdroplet composition in a UV cured PDLC film
1992: Nematogenic Laterally Fluorinated Biphenyls with Polar Terminal Groups
1992: Reverse Mode Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Display Incorporating a Dual Frequency Addressable Liquid Crystal Mixture
1993: High on-state clarity polymer dispersed liquid crystal films
1993: Lateral fluoro substituted 4-alkyl-4''-chloro-1,1':4',1''-terphenyls and derivatives: useful high birefringence, high stability liquid crystals
1993: Laterally fluorinated tolanes of low melting point
1993: Normal and reverse mode polymer dispersed liquid crystal devices
1993: Recent developments in materials for TFT/PDLC devices
1995: 5th Int. Conf. Ferroelectric Liq. Cryst., Cambridge
1995: Film formation parameters affecting the electro-optic properties of low-voltage PDLC films
1995: Nematogenic laterally fluorinated biphenyls with polar terminal groups
1996: The thermally stimulated currents spectrum of side-chain liquid crystalline polymers. A further contribution for the attribution of the different discharges at the molecular level


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