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Clough, S.B.

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Clough, Stuart B.


Asrar, J.;   Bennett, S.L.;   Blumstein, A.;   Blumstein, R. Blattberg;   Blumstein, R.B.;   Cheng, P.;   Gauthier, M.M.;   Hsu, E.C.;   Jamison, D.E.;   Kumar, R.S.;   Li, C.K.;   Lim, L.K.;   Makris, P.;   Maret, G.;   Osada, Y.;   Ozcayir, Y.;   Patel, L.;   Patel, L.R.;   Ponrathnam, S.;   Reid, K.I.G.;   Salamone, A. Beal;   Salamone, J.C.;   Sivaramakrishnan, K.N.;   Sivaramakrishnan, S.N.;   Sohn, Won Ho;   Subramanyam, S.;   Thomas, O.;   Vilasagar, S.;   Watterson, A.C.;   de Vries, Adriaan

Publication Titles

1975: Crystallinity and order in polymers with mesomorphic or potentially mesomorphic side groups
1975: Oriented Polymer Growth in Thermotropic Mesophases
1975: Topotactic and topochemical control of free radical polymerization of p-methacryloyloxybenzoic acid (MBA) in mesomorphic p-n-alkoxybenzoic acids
1976: Crystallinity and Order in Atactic Poly(acryloyoxybenzoic acid) and Poly(methacryloyoxybenzoic acid)
1976: Structure and thermal Expansion of some Polymers with Mesomorphic Ordering
1977: Liquid Crystalline Order in Polymers with Cholesteric Side Groups
1977: Liquid crystalline order in polymers with cholesteric side groups
1977: Liquid-Crystalline Order in Polymers and Co-polymers with Cholesteric Sidegroups
1977: X-ray Diffraction from Polymer Mesophases
1978: Liquid crystalline order in polymers and copolymers with cholesteric side groups
1978: Synthesis of some polymers with mesogenic elements and flexible spacers in the main chain
1978: X-ray diffraction from polymers with mesomorphic order
1979: Polymeric thermotropic liquid crystals: polymers with mesogenic elements and flexible spacers in the main chain
1979: Polymers with mesogenic elements and flexible spacers in the main chain
1980: Thermotropic polymeric liquid crystals: polymers with mesogenic elements and flexible spacers in the main chain
1982: Nematic and cholesteric thermotropic polyesters with azoxybenzene mesogenic units and flexible spacers in the main chain
1982: Synthesis and properties of some polyesters with mesogenic groups and flexible spacers in the main chain
1982: Xanthan gum - a lyotropic, liquid crystalline polymer and its properties as a suspending agent
1983: Linear thermotropic nematic polymers: odd-even effects in polyesters and copolyesters containing a substituted azoxybenzene moiety
1984: Order in linear thermotropic nematic polyesters: the existence of two distinct molecular arrangements within polymeric nematic mesophases
1986: Diacetylenic diesters and polyesters
1986: Diacetylenic liquid crystalline polymers II: derivatives of 10,12-docosadiyne-1,22-dioic acid
1988: A liquid crystalline ionomer
1988: Molecular mass and structure dependence of liquid crystalline properties for a homologous series of polyesters
1991: Ionic polymers with mesogenic moieties in the main chain


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