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Clarke, S.M.

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Clarke, Stuart M.


Alba, M.D.;   Bickerstaffe, A.K.;   Castro, M.A.;   Elias, F.;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Hotta, A.;   House, J.R.;   Kundler, I.;   Medina, S.;   Millán, C.;   Nishikawa, E.;   Orta, M.M.;   Pavón, E.;   Peck, R.;   Perdigón, A.C.;   Remillat, C.;   Tajbakhsh, A.R.;   Terentjev, E.M.;   Tomlinson, G.R.;   Warner, M.

Publication Titles

1997: Light-scattering study of random disorder in liquid -crystalline elastomers
1998: Slow Stress Relaxation in Randomly Disordered Nematic Elastomers and Gels
1998: Texture Evolution during the Polydomain-Monodomain Transition in Nematic Elastomers
1999: Equilibrium textures in main-chain liquid crystalline polymers
1999: Slow stress relaxation in liquid crystal elastomers and gels
2000: Nematic Order Drives Phase Separation in Polydisperse Liquid Crystalline Polymers
2001: Anomalous Viscoelastic Response of Nematic Elastomers
2001: Effect of cross-linker geometry on equilibrium thermal and mechanical properties of nematic elastomers
2001: Soft elasticity and mechanical damping in liquid crystalline elastomers
2009: Phase separation of carboxylic acids on graphite surface at submonolayer regime


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