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Cladis, P.E.

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Cladis, P.;   Cladis, Pat;   Cladis, Pat E.;   Cladis, Patricia;   Cladis, Patricia E.


Aadsen, D.;   Andereck, C.D.;   Anisimov, M.A.;   Barbet-Massin, R.;   Bilash, T.;   Bogardus, R.K.;   Bouchet, F.R.;   Bouligand, Y.;   Brand, H.R.;   Brand, Helmut;   Brand, Helmut R.;   Brinkman, W.F.;   Burger, J.P.;   Cho, Dong-Uk;   Couder, Y.;   Cross, M.C.;   Daniels, J.M.;   Daniels, W.B.;   Filas, R.W.;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Finn, P.;   Finn, P.L.;   Fradin, Cecile;   Fradin, Cécile;   Garel, T.;   Gleeson, J.T.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Goodby, John W.;   Gorodetskii, E.E.;   Griffen, A.C.;   Griffin, Anselm C.;   Griffith, R.F.;   Guillon, D.;   Hashimoto, Shigehiro;   Heffner, W.R.;   Hidaka, Y.;   Huse, David A.;   Joanicot, Mathieu;   Kai, S.;   Kai, Shoichi;   Kangas, E.;   Kangas, Erik;   Keller, P.;   Kiss, G.;   Kleman, M.;   Kléman, M.;   Kobayashi, Shunsuke;   Kortan, A.R.;   Krause, Simon;   Larson, R.G.;   Leslie, T.M.;   Li, Jian-Feng;   Liebert, L.;   Marcus, Matthew;   Matsuura, Naoki;   Mead, D.W.;   Minami, Naoki;   Mutabazi, I.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Ono, Yukitada;   Panizza, P.;   Pargellis, A.N.;   Patel, J.S.;   Pelzl, G.;   Pesch, W.;   Pieranski, Pawel;   Piersanski, P.;   Pleiner, H.;   Pleiner, Harald;   Podneks, V.E.;   Powers, L.S.;   Raines, R.D.;   Rault, I.;   Rault, J.;   Robinson, P.S.;   Rosenblatt, Charles;   Shashidhar, R.;   Slaney, A.J.;   Smith, J.C.;   Somasekhar, S.;   Stamatoff, J.;   Stammatoff, J.;   Strzelecki, L.;   Sumisaki, Yusuke;   Suzuki, Yoshiichi;   Taborek, P.;   Taratuta, V.G.;   Taylor, G.N.;   Taylor, P.L.;   Teo, Boon-Keng;   Torza, S.;   Voronov, V.P.;   Wang, X.-Y.;   Wang, Xin-Yi;   Weissflog, W.;   White, A.E.;   Williams, C.;   Williams, C.E.;   Yamaguchi, Shohei;   Yurke, B.;   Yusuf, Y.;   Yusuf, Yusril;   van Saarloos, W.;   van Saarloos, Wim

Publication Titles

1970: Ferronematics
1971: Binary mixtures of rod-like molecules with N-p-methoxybenzylidene)p'-butylaniline
1971: Cholesteric texture near Tc and in presence of a magnetic field
1972: Cholesteric domain texture
1972: Measurement of the elastic constants of twist and bend for the nematic liquid crystal N-(p-methoxybenzilidene)-p-butylaniline (MBBA)
1972: New method for measuring the twist elastic constant K22/X.alpha. and the shear viscosity .gamma.1/X.alpha. for nematics
1972: Non-singular disclinations of strength S = + 1 in nematics
1972: Nonsingular S = +1 screw disclination lines in nematics
1973: Screw disclinations in nematic samples with cylindrical symmetry
1973: Study of the Bend Elastic Constant near a Smectic-A-Nematic Phase Transition
1974: Impurity dependence of the critical exponent of the nematic bend elastic constant, K3 (T), near a smectic a transition
1974: Nematic and smectic A phases of N-p-cyanobenzylidene-p-n-octyloxyaniline in tubes
1974: Study of sections of polymerized liquid crystals
1974: Volumetric study of the nematic-smectic-A transition of N-p-cyanobenzylidene-p-octyloxyaniline
1975: Growth of a smectic A from a bent nematic phase and the smectic light valve
1975: New liquid-crystal phase diagram
1975: Stability of nematic liquid crystals in Couette flow
1976: A polarizing oriented smectic beam splitter
1976: Beading of smectic disclination lines
1977: High-pressure investigation of the reentrant nematic -bilayer-smectic-A transition
1977: Study of liquid crystals in flow. I. Conventional viscometry and density measurements
1978: High-pressure investigation of the reentrant nematic bilayer smectic-A transition
1978: X-ray study and microscopic study of the reentrant nematic phase
1979: Study of an incommensurate smectic A phase
1979: Temperature and pressure study of 8S5
1979: The cholesteric defect structure near the smectic A transition
1980: Density measurements of alloys exhibiting the reentrant nematic phase
1980: Incommensurate and commensurate smectic A phases with pressure induced nematic phases
1980: The discotic phase of uro-porphyrin I octa-n-dodecyl ester
1980: The reentrant nematic phase
1980: X-ray diffraction intensities of a smectic-A liquid crystal
1980: X-ray investigation of the smectic A reentrant nematic transition under pressure (CBOOA)
1981: Reentrant nematic transitions in cyano-octyloxybiphenyl (8OCB)
1981: The cholesteric-isotropic-blue phase triple point
1981: The reentrant nematic, enhanced smectic A phases and molecular composition
1981: X-ray diffraction from a smectic A liquid crystal
1982: Cholesteric blue phases in mixtures and in an electric field
1982: Liquid crystals under pressure: x-ray investigation of smectic C phases
1982: Polarization absorption spectroscopy: determination of the direction and degree of orientation of absorption transitions
1982: Pressure study of a hexatic B and crystal B phase
1982: Pressure-temperature phase diagram of some tilted smectic phases
1982: Reentrant nematic liquid crystals
1982: The Dielectric Constant of a Cyanophenyl-Thiobenzoate
1983: "Soliton switch" in chiral smectic liquid crystals
1983: The first bilayer ferroelectric liquid crystal
1984: A novel liquid crystal phase diagram: an inverted cholesteric phase surrounded by different types of smectic A phases
1984: Characterization of the Phases of two Isomeric Cyano-Ester homologous Series - II
1984: Characterization of two Isomeric Cyano-Ester homologous Series - I
1984: Crystal habit of liquid-crystal blue phase I
1984: Elasticity of blue phase I of cholesteric liquid crystals
1984: First truly ferroelectric liquid crystal. Physical properties of the first truly ferroelectric liquid-crystal phase and a proposed antiferroelectric liquid-crystal phase
1984: Novel liquid-crystal phase diagram: an inverted cholesteric phase surrounded by different types of smectic-A phases
1984: Smectic X: the first truly ferroelectric liquid crystal
1984: Smectic-X - the first truly ferroelectric liquid crystal
1984: Two types of monolayer smectic A phases: studies on binary mixtures of 60BCB and TBBA
1985: (+)10E4M6 : a critical A-C* and the first C*-hexatic B liquid crystal phase transitions
1985: Experimental evidence for a hexagonal Blue Phase
1985: Helielectric-ferroelectric transition mediated by a tilt-suppressing intermediate phase in liquid crystals
1985: No reentrant nematic below smectic A1
1985: Phase winding and flow alignment in freely suspended films of smectic-C liquid crystals
1985: Steps on surfaces of liquid-crystal blue phase I
1985: Textures and structure of the low temperature liquid crystal phases of HOBACPC [(R-) hexyloxybenzylidene p'-amino-2-chloropropyl cinnamate]
1986: Comment on: "The effect of an electric field on the selective reflection bands of liquid crystalline blue phases"
1986: Elasticity and behaviour under magnetic fields of cubic lyomesophases and smectic D liquid crystals
1986: Facetting of cholesteric phases in electric fields
1986: Frustrated liquids: liquid crystal blue phases
1986: Kossel diagrams show electric-field-induced cubic-tetragonal structural transition in frustrated liquid-crystal blue phases
1986: Orientation of crystals of blue phases by electric fields
1986: Phase winding and flow alignment in freely suspended smectic C films
1987: Dynamics of line defects in nematic liquid crystals
1987: Field-induced tetragonal blue phase (BP X)
1988: 'Thermodynamic, structural and morphological studies on liquid-crystalline blue phases' by H. Stegemeyer, T. Bluemel, K. Hiltrop, H. Onusseit and F. Porsch
1988: A one hundred year perspective of the reentrant nematic phase
1989: Dynamical test of phase transition order
1989: Heat capacity peaks observed at the blue phase transitions in compounds of different purities
1989: Shapes of blue phase crystals grown in electric fields
1990: Experimental test of a fluctuation-induced first-order phase transition: The nematic–smectic-A transition
1991: Image analysis of banded textures after shearing flows of liquid crystalline polymers
1991: Taylor-Couette instability in nematic liquid crystals
1991: Traveling-wave states in deep-groove directional solidification
1992: Defect dynamics and coarsening dynamics in smectic-C films
1992: Electrooptic Properties of Smectic O* and its Racemate
1992: Image analysis of shear-induced textures in liquid-crystalline polymers
1992: Observation of front propagation in directional solidification
1992: Ring pattern formation in 2-dimensional shear of freely suspended films of a smectic C liquid crystal
1992: Symmetry and defects in the CM phase of polymeric liquid crystals
1993: Electrooptic response of smectic O and smectic O*
1994: Nonequilibrium phase winding and its breakdown at a chiral interface
1994: Pattern Formation at the Traveling Twist-Grain-Boundary / Smectic A Interface
1994: Pattern formation at the traveling liquid-crystal twist grain boundary-smectic A interface
1994: Pattern formation at the traveling liquid-crystal twist-grain-boundary-smectic-A interface
1995: Reversible propagating fingers in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
1995: Stable coexistence of spiral and target patterns in freely suspended films of smectic-C liquid crystals
1996: Solitary waves in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
1997: Electroconvection in nematic liquid crystals: comparison between experimental results and the hydrodynamic model
1997: Flexoelectric induced vanishing of the cholesteric helix
1998: Fluctuations and liquid crystal phase transitions
1998: Macroscopic properties of smectic CG liquid crystals
1998: Physical aspects of electro-optic properties of smectic liquid crystals
1998: Reentrant phase transitions in liquid crystals
1998: The re-entrant nematic and the compounds of Gray
1998: Wavelength Doubling Cascade to Möbius Defect Turbulence in a 3D Anisotropic Liquid
1999: A novel route to defect turbulence in nematics
1999: Fluid Biaxial Banana Smectics: Symmetry at Work
2000: Fluid biaxial banana phases: Symmetry at work
2000: Phase transitions in biaxial banana phases
2000: Polar biaxial liquid crystalline phases with fluidity in two and three spatial dimensions
2001: Antiferroelectricity in Liquid Crystals
2001: Gaussian grooves propagating across a moving curved interface in directional solidification
2002: Electric Field Mediated Growth Habits in B7
2002: Flow properties of the optically isotropic tetrahedratic phase
2002: Tetrahedratic Bananas
2003: Deformable tetrahedratic phases. The effects of external fields and flows
2003: Polar columnar and tetrahedratic phases
2004: Hystereses of volume changes in liquid single crystal elastomers swollen with low molecular weight liquid crystal
2004: Swelling dynamics of liquid crystal elastomers swollen with low molecular weight liquid crystals
2005: Selected Macroscopic Consequences of Tetrahedratic Order
2006: Electrooptical effects of swollen polydomain liquid crystal elastomers
2006: Nematic and tetrahedritic order in banana liquid crystals
2006: Splay-bend textures involving tetrahedratic order
2006: Thermo-mechanical properties of tri-functionally crosslinked liquid single crystal elastomers
2007: Shape anisotropy and optical birefringence measurements of dry and swollen liquid single crystal elastomers
2007: Trifunctionally Cross-Linked Liquid Single Crystal Elastomers: Swelling Dynamics and Electromechanical Effects
2008: Macroscopic dynamics of nematic banana liquid crystals with D2d symmetry
2008: Multifunctional liquid crystal elastomers: Large electromechanical and electro-optical effects
2009: Main Chain Liquid-Crystalline Elastomers: Swelling Dynamics and Electromechanical Effects


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