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Citano, C.M.

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Citano, Carla M.


Boyden, M.N.;   Chien, L.-C.;   Doane, J.W.;   Ezenyilimba, M.C.;   Jirousek, M.R.;   Leroux, N.;   Müller, U.;   Nabor, M.-F.;   Neubert, Mary E.;   Sabol-Keast, S.;   Sharma, R.B.;   Shenouda, I.G.;   Walz, A.J.;   Yang, Deng-Ke

Publication Titles

1991: The effects of carbonyl containing terminal chains on mesomorphic properties in 4,4'-disubstituted phenylbenzoates and phenylthiobenzoates. 5. Phenylbenzoates containing a (CH2)nO2CR' group (n = 1,2) on the phenolic end
1995: Photopolymerizations in self-organizing systems
1995: Recent advances in materials for polymer stabilized liquid crystals
1996: Materials for polymer-stabilized liquid crystals

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