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Cidade, M.T.

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Cidade, Maria Teresa


Almeida, P.L.;   Amaral, A.;   Barroso, V.C.;   Bordado, J.C.;   Bordado, J.C.M.;   Borges, J.P.;   Figueirinhas, J.;   Figueirinhas, J.L.;   Filipe, S.;   Godinho, M.H.;   Lavareda, G.;   Leal, C.R.;   Martins, A.F.;   Navard, P.;   Neves, S.;   Nunes de Carvalho, C.;   Ribeiro, A.C.;   Riti, J.B.;   Wilhelm, M.

Publication Titles

1992: Synthesis and Thermal Properties of Novel Liquid Crystalline Polyurethanes
1993: Preparation and liquid-crystalline properties of toluene-4-sulfonyl urethane of hydroxypropylcellulose
1993: Synthesis and characterization of novel liquid-crystalline polyurethanes
1995: Rheological properties of acetoxypropylcellulose in the thermotropic chiral nematic phase
1997: Shear induced textures of thermotropic acetoxypropyl cellulose
2000: Preliminary results on UV and high temperature exposure effects on the electro-optical properties of cellulose derivatives based PDLC type cells
2000: Temperature dependence of the rheological properties of acetoxypropylcellulose in the thermotropic chiral nematic phase
2001: Electro-Optical Properties of Cellulose Based PDLC Type Cells: Dependence on the Type of Diisocyanate Cross-Linking Agent Used
2001: Light scattering studies in cellulose derivative based PDLC type cells
2002: Flexible cellulose derivative PDLC type cells
2003: Rheological properties of lyotropic solutions of acetoxypropylcellulose in dimethylacetamide. a comparision with the thermotropic case
2008: Experimental Results on Electrorheology of Liquid Crystalline Polymer Solutions
2008: Experimental Results on Fourier Transform Rheology of PBLG/m-cresol and HPC/Water Liquid Crystalline Solutions


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