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Chrzumnicka, Ewa

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Chrzumnicka, E.


Bauman, Danuta;   Dabrowski, Roman;   Frackowiak, Danuta;   Hertmanowski, Robert;   Jadzyn, Jan;   Martynski, Tomasz;   Moryson, Hanka;   Planner, Alfons;   Ptak, Arkadiusz;   Szybowicz, Miroslaw;   Wolarz, Eryk

Publication Titles

1997: Photoelectric properties of chlorophyll and carotene solutions in nematic liquid crystal located between semiconducting electrodes
1998: Study of azo dye-n TPEB mixtures in the nematic and smectic B phases by means of polarized light absorption
2000: Molecular orientation in liquid crystalline side chain polymers doped with dichroic dye as studied by optical spectroscopy methods
2004: Orientational order of some liquid crystals as studied by optical spectroscopy methods
2004: Studies of orientational order of some nematogens by means of Raman scattering spectroscopy
2005: Fluorescent discotic liquid crystals in Langmuir-Blodgett films for application in organic light emitting diodes


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