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Chmelka, Bradley F.

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Chmelka, B.F.


Alberius, Peter C.A.;   Ciesla, Ulrike;   Demuth, Dirk G.;   Ernst, Matthias;   Feng, Jianglin;   Feng, Pingyun;   Firouzi, Ali;   Frederickson, Glenn H.;   Frindell, Karen L.;   Gier, Thurman E.;   Hanson, Jonathan C.;   Hayward, Ryan C.;   Huo, Qisheng;   Kramer, Edward J.;   Landry, Christopher C.;   Margolese, David I.;   Meier, Beat H.;   Melosh, Nicholas;   Monnier, Alain;   Norby, Poul;   Sieger, Peter;   Steinbeck, Christian A.;   Stucky, Galen D.;   Tolbert, Sarah H.;   Yang, Peidong;   Zhao, Dongyuan

Publication Titles

1994: Organization of Organic Molecules with Inorganic Molecular Species into Nanocomposite Biphase Arrays
1998: Triblock copolymer syntheses of mesoporous silica with periodic 50 to 300 angstrom pores
1998: Triblock-Copolymer-Directed Syntheses of Large-Pore Mesoporous Silica Fibers
1999: Block Copolymer Templating Syntheses of Mesoporous Metal Oxides with Large Ordering Lengths and Semicrystalline Framework
1999: Multiphase Assembly of Mesoporous-Macroporous Membranes
2001: Phase Transitions in Mesostructured Silica/Surfactant Composites: Surfactant Packing and the Role of Charge Density Matching
2002: General Predictive Syntheses of Cubic, Hexagonal, and Lamellar Silica and Titania Mesostructured Thin Filmss
2004: Thin Films of Bicontinuous Cubic Mesostructured Silica Templated by a Nonionic Surfactant
2008: Anisotropic Optical Properties and Structures of Block Copolymer/Silica Thin Films Containing Aligned Porphyrin J-Aggregates


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