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Chi, Chunyan

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Chi, C.


Chan, Hardy Sze On;   Enkelmann, Volker;   Ho, Peter K.-H.;   Huang, Kuo-Wei;   Höger, Sigurd;   Im, Chan;   Jo, Jungho;   Lieser, Günter;   Lim, Kheng Aik;   Liu, Bo;   Luo, Jing;   Png, Rui-Qi;   Qu, Hemi;   Shao, Jinjun;   Wegner, Gerhard;   Wu, Jishan;   Yin, Jun;   Yoon, Do Y.;   Zhang, Kai;   Zhang, Xiaojie;   Zhao, Baomin;   Ziegler, Andreas

Publication Titles

2004: Synthesis and characterization of monodisperse oligofluorenes
2005: Monodisperse oligofluorenes with keto defect as models to investigate the origin of green emission from polyfluorenes: Synthesis, self-assembly, and photophysical properties
2005: Packing and Uniaxial Alignment of Liquid Crystalline Oligofluorenes
2009: .pi.-Conjugated oligothiophene-anthracene co-oligomers: synthesis, physical properties, and self-assembly
2009: Electron-Deficient Triphenylene and Trinaphthylene Carboximides
2009: Room-temperature discotic liquid crystals based on oligothiophenes-attached and fused triazatruxenes
2010: New Discotic Mesogens Based on Triphenylene-Fused Triazatruxenes: Synthesis, Physical Properties, and Self-Assembly


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