Index Name

Chen, Y.-F.

Alternative Writings

Chen, Y.F.;   Chen, Y.f.

Similar Names

Chen, Yan-Fei;   Chen, Yan-Feng;   Chen, Yang-Fang;   Chen, Yi-Fan;   Chen, Yu-Fan;   Chen, Yu-Fen


Beckwitt, K.;   Chao, C.-Y.;   Chen, C.C.;   Chu, K.C.;   Huang, K.F.;   Lai, H.C.;   Lan, Y.-P.;   Lu, T.H.;   Malomed, B.A.;   Su, K.W.;   Wise, F.W.;   Wu, Y.C.

Publication Titles

2002: Localization of wave patterns on classical periodic orbits in a square billiard
2002: Quantum manifestations of classical periodic orbits in a square billiard: Formation of vortex lattices
2003: Rules of selection for spontaneous coherent states in mesoscopic systems: Using the microcavity laser as an analog study
2003: Temporal solitons in quadratic nonlinear media with opposite group-velocity dispersions at the fundamental and second harmonics
2003: Vortex formation of coherent waves in nonseparable mesoscopic billiards
2006: Electrically controlled surface plasmon resonance frequency of gold nanorods
2006: Hyperboloid Structures Formed by Polarization Singularities in Coherent Vector Fields with Longitudinal-Transverse Coupling
2006: Manifestation of Weak Localization and Long-Range Correlation in Disordered Wave Functions from Conical Second Harmonic Generation
2006: Observation of Spatially Coherent Polarization Vector Fields and Visualization of Vector Singularities


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