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Chen, Wei

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Chen, W.;   Chen, Wei B.


Ai, Bao-Quan;   Andrade, Olav;   Annis, Brian K.;   Astumian, R. Dean;   Bier, Martin;   Boller, Andreas;   Bone, Matthew F.;   Cai, Zhonghua;   Chen, Kok;   Cheng, Jinlong;   Cheng, Stephen Z.D.;   Cui, Chunming;   Dadmun, Mark;   Deng, Yi;   Feng, Linxian;   Gedde, Ulf W.;   Gowrishankar, T.R.;   Graffagnino, Peter;   Gu, Ling-Juan;   Habenschuss, Anton;   Haven, Duane;   Hult, Anders;   Jiang, Yingqiu;   Jin, Yimin;   Jonsson, Håkan;   Kwon, Yong Ku;   Lee, Raphael C.;   Liu, Guo-Tao;   Liu, Liang-Gang;   Liu, Zhengxi;   Londono, J. David;   Marcu, Gabriel G.;   Moon, Il-Kwon;   Pardey, Ricardo;   Pyda, Marek;   Qiu, Yinggang;   Toda, Akihiko;   Tu, Yijun;   Wang, Xian-Ju;   Wen, De-Hua;   Wunderlich, Bernhard;   Xie, Hui-Zhang;   Xu, Jun-Ting;   Zampolin, Ronald F.;   Zhang, Ge;   Zhuang, Song-Lin

Publication Titles

1991: Fabrication and performance of cadmium selenide/cadmium sulfide/zinc sulfide photoconductor for liquid crystal light valve
1991: Fast full erasure laser-addressed smectic liquid crystal light valve
1993: Active-matrix-addressed optical amplifier
1994: Condis crystals of small molecule. VI. The differences between smectic and condis phases, evaluated by a solid state 13C NMR study of N,N'-bis(4-n-octyloxybenzal)-1,4-phenylenediamine (OOBPD)
1994: The chain conformations of a polyether based on bis(4-hydroxyphenoxy)-p-xylylene and 1,11-dibromoundecane (HPX-C11) in its mesophase states, derived from 13C NMR
1995: The difference between liquid crystals and conformationally disordered crystals
1996: The difference between liquid crystals and conformationally disordered crystals
1997: Nanophase separation and crystallization in PEIM-12 poly(4,4'-phthaloimidobenzoyldodecamethyleneoxycarbonyl)
1998: Isotropization of nematic liquid crystals by TMDSC
1999: A solid-state 13C-NMR study of the mesophases of PEIM-9 (poly(4,4'-phthaloimidobenzoylnonamethyleneoxycarbonyl))
1999: Analysis of transitions of liquid crystals and conformationally disordered crystals by temperature-modulated calorimetry
1999: Influence of syndiotacticity and annealing temperature on the double melting peak behavior of syndiotactic polypropylene
1999: Nanophase separation of small and large molecules
2000: Equilibrium short-range order in the isotropic phase of a poly(ester-imide) with a C22H44 alkane spacer
2001: Color characterization issues for TFTLCD displays
2002: Resealing dynamics of a cell membrane after electroporation
2003: Efficiency optimization in a correlation ratchet with asymmetric unbiased fluctuations


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