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Chen, Sow-Hsin

Alternative Writings

Chen, S.H.;   Chen, Sowhsin

Similar Names

Chen, S.-H.


Alatas, Ahmed;   Alatas, Ahmet;   Alp, Ercan;   Baglioni, Piero;   Berti, Debora;   Cao, Jianshu;   Capel, Malcolm;   Carvalho, Bruce L.;   Chen, Wei-Ren;   Faraone, Antonio;   Fratini, Emiliano;   Glinka, Charles J.;   Lee, Lay-Theng;   Lin, J.S.;   Liu, Yun;   Mallamace, Francesco;   Said, Ayman;   Sheu, Eric Y.;   Sinn, Harald;   Strey, R.;   Wu, Jianlan;   Zhou, Xiao-Lin

Publication Titles

1991: Interpretation of small-angle x-ray scattering intensity distribution from fluctuating lamellae in a ternary system: sodium octyl sulfate-water-decanol
1992: Observation of surface-induced layering in bicontinuous microemulsions
2002: Small-angle neutron scattering study of the temperature-dependent attractive interaction in dense L64 copolymer micellar solutions and its relation to kinetic glass transition
2003: Neutron- and light-scattering studies of the liquid-to-glass and glass-to-glass transitions in dense copolymer micellar solutions
2004: Inelastic X-ray scattering studies of phonons in liquid crystalline DNA
2004: Structural arrest transitions in fluids described by two Yukawa potentials
2005: Inelastic X-ray scattering studies of phonons propagating along the axial direction of a DNA molecule having different counter-ion atmosphere


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