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Chen, Shaw H.

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Chen, S.H.


Adams, W. Wade;   Bashir-Hashemi, A.;   Blanton, Thomas N.;   Boyd, Robert W.;   Bunning, Timothy J.;   Chen, Andrew C.-A.;   Chen, Andrew C.A.;   Chen, H.M. Philip;   Chen, Huang-Ming P.;   Chen, Philip H.M.;   Conger, Brooke M.;   Culligan, Sean W.;   De Rose, Mike E.;   Dolgaleva, Ksenia;   Fan, Fred Y.;   Fujita, Katsuhiko;   Gelber, Nathan;   Geng, Yanhou;   Havens, D. Ernest;   Hood, Patrick J.;   Jacobs, Stephen D.;   Jin, Richard J.;   Katsis, Dimitris;   Kende, Andrew S.;   Kim, Chun K.;   Kim, Chunki;   Kim, Dong U.;   Klubek, Kevin;   Klubek, Kevin P.;   Krishnamurthy, Sushil;   Kumar, K.G. Pani;   Li, Jianchang;   Lin, Chi-Wen;   Lukishova, Svetlana G.;   Madaras, Marcel B.;   Marshall, Kenneth L.;   Mastrangelo, John C.;   Merkel, Paul B.;   Mourey, Thomas H.;   Ou, Jane J.;   Papernov, Semyon;   Schmid, Ansgar W.;   Shi, Hongqin;   Shi, Nongqin;   Tang, Ching W.;   Theodore, Chrysa M.;   Thomas, Alison M.;   Trajkovska, Anita;   Tsutsui, Tersuo;   Tsutsui, Tetsuo;   Twomey, Conor J.;   Vaeth, Kathleen M.;   Wallace, Jason U.;   Wei, Siamon K.-H.;   Wei, Simon K.-H.;   Yan, Feng;   Yasuda, Takeshi;   Zeng, Lichang;   de Rosa, Michael E.

Publication Titles

1989: Purification of thermotropic liquid-crystalline siloxane oligomer with supercritical carbon dioxide
1991: Helical sense and twisting power in thermotropic side-chain copolymers
1992: A comparative study of helical sense and twisting power in low-molar-mass and polymeric chiral nematics
1992: Mesomorphic behavior of side-chain copolymers containing chiral as well as nematogenic moieties comprising p-phenylene and trans-cyclohexylene rings
1994: Novel glassy nematic and chiral nematic oligomers derived from 1,3,5-cyclohexanetricarboxylic and (1R,3S)-(+)-camphoric acids
1994: Thermotropic chiral nematic liquid-crystal copolymer compositions and optical devices containing them
1995: Chiral nematic liquid crystalline compositions
1995: Crystallization upon thermal annealing of a glass-forming liquid crystal in the nematic regime
1995: Effects of stereochemistry, mesogenic core and spacer length on crystallization from nematic and isotropic melts of cyclohexane-based glass-forming liquid crystals
1995: Glassy chiral nematic liquid crystalline compositions of low molar mass and optical devices formed from them
1995: Novel Glass-Forming Organic Materials. 1. Adamantane with Pendant Cholesteryl, Disperse Red 1, and Nematogenic Groups
1995: Novel glass-forming liquid crystals II. Systems containing 1-phenyl-2-(6-cyanonaphth-2-yl)ethyne as a high optical birefringence moiety
1995: Novel glass-forming liquid crystals. III. Helical sense and twisting power in chiral nematic systems
1995: Some dynamic features of the preparation of liquid crystalline elastomers
1996: Dynamic Mechanical Relaxation Behavior of Low Molecular Weight Side-Chain Cyclic Liquid Crystalline Compounds near the Glass Transition Temperature
1996: Dynamic mechanical properties of cyclohexane-based glass-forming liquid crystals and a linear side chain polymer analog
1996: Glassy low molar mass chiral nematic liquid crystalline composition for optical device
1996: Novel glass-forming liquid crystals. IV. Effects of central core and pendant group on vitrification and morphological stability
1996: Novel vitrifiable liquid crystals as optical materials
1997: Fluorescence Behavior of Low Molar Mass and Polymer Liquid Crystals in Ordered Solid Films
1997: Novel Glass-Forming Organic Materials. 3. Cubane with Pendant Nematogens, Carbazole, and Disperse Red 1
1998: Circularly polarized fluorescence from chiral nematic liquid crystalline films: theory and experiment
1998: Fluorescence of Pyrenyl and Carbazolyl Derivatives in Liquid Solution and Solid Film
1998: Mesomorphic conjugated polymers
1998: Synthesis and Characterization of Thermotropic Chiral-Nematic Polythiophenes
1998: Synthesis and Optical Properties of Thermotropic Polythiophene and Poly(p-phenylene) Derivatives
1999: Glassy liquid crystal films as broadband polarizers and reflectors via spatially modulated photoracemization
1999: Mechanistic insight into circularly polarized photoluminescence from a chiral-nematic film
1999: New materials technology for latching electro-optic devices
1999: Vitrified Chiral-Nematic Liquid Crystalline Films for Selective Reflection and Circular Polarization
2000: Circularly polarized photoluminescence from the resonance region of chiral-nematic poly(p-phenylene) films
2000: Novel glass-forming liquid crystals V. Nematic and chiral-nematic systems with an elevated glass transition temperature
2000: Photoracemization broadening of selective reflection and polarization band of glassy chiral-nematic films
2000: Processing of alignment layers for glassy liquid crystals
2001: Novel Glass-Forming Liquid Crystals. 6. High-Temperature Glassy Nematics
2002: Synthesis, Characterization, and Optical Properties of Monodisperse Chiral Oligofluorenes
2003: Deterministic Synthesis and Optical Properties of Glassy Chiral-Nematic Liquid Crystals
2003: Monodisperse Glassy-Nematic Conjugated Oligomers with Chemically Tunable Polarized Light Emission
2003: Monodisperse Oligofluorenes Forming Glassy-Nematic Films for Polarized Blue Emission
2004: Glassy Liquid Crystals for Tunable Reflective Coloration
2004: Glassy nematic conjugated oligomers: materials for organic light-emitting diodes
2005: Carrier Transport Properties of Monodisperse Glassy-Nematic Oligofluorenes in Organic Field-Effect Transistors
2005: Novel light-emitting organic materials with variable electron and hole conductivities
2005: Photonic applications of glassy liquid crystals
2006: Light-Emitting Organic Materials with Variable Charge Injection and Transport Properties
2006: New Insight into Photoalignment of Liquid Crystals on Coumarin-Containing Polymer Films
2006: Photoalignment of a Nematic Liquid Crystal Fluid and Glassy-Nematic Oligofluorenes on Coumarin-Containing Polymer Films
2006: Quantitative analysis of photoalignment of liquid crystals on coumarin-containing polymer films
2007: Device Characteristics of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Comprising Terfluorene Modified with Triphenyltriazine
2007: Photoalignment of monodisperse glassy-nematic oligofluorenes
2007: Quantitative Assessment of Coumarin-Containing Polymer Film's Capability for Photoalignment of Liquid Crystals
2008: Effects of Dilution, Polarization Ratio, and Energy Transfer on Photoalignment of Liquid Crystals Using Coumarin-Containing Polymer Films
2008: Novel Cholesteric Glassy Liquid Crystals Comprising Benzene Functionalized with Hybrid Chiral-Nematic Mesogens
2009: Robust organic lasers comprising glassy-cholesteric pentafluorene doped with a red-emitting oligofluorene
2009: Synthesis and Processing of Monodisperse Oligo(fluorene-co-bithiophene)s into Oriented Films by Thermal and Solvent Annealing


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