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Chen, S.-H.

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Chen, S.H.;   Chen, S.h.

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Chen, C.-H.;   Chen, S.-G.;   Chen, Sheng-Hua;   Chen, Shou-Hsi;   Chen, Shu-Hsia;   Chen, Sow-Hsin;   Chen, Su-Hua


Adams, W.W.;   Ahuja, S.;   Bashir-Hashemi, A.;   Bellisent-Funel, M.C.;   Blanton, T.M.;   Blanton, T.N.;   Buldyrev, S.V.;   Bunning, T.J.;   Cametti, C.;   Carvalho, B.L.;   Chang, C.S.;   Chen, H.-L.;   Chen, H.M.P.;   Chen, H.P.;   Chen, P.H.;   Chen, S.-A.;   Chiu, H.C.;   Chou, H.L.;   Chuang, W.-T.;   Codastefano, P.;   Conger, B.M.;   Conger, Brooke M.;   Culligan, S.W.;   Di Biasio, A.;   Diefendorf, R.J.;   Fann, W.S.;   Franzese, G.;   Geng, Y.;   Han, S.R.;   Ho, Derek L.;   Hood, P.J.;   Hsieh, C.C.;   Hsu, C.-H.;   Huang, H.W.;   Huang, J.-Y.;   Huang, Y.-F.;   Inigo, A.R.;   Jacobs, S.D.;   Jenekhe, Samson A.;   Jeng, U.;   Katsis, D.;   Kim, D.-U.;   Klein, M.L.;   Klubek, K.;   Krishnamurthy, S.;   Kumar, P.;   Lee, D.D.;   Lee, H.-Y.;   Lee, Y.Z.;   Li, J.S.;   Liang, B.-J.;   Liao, C.Y.;   Lin, C.P.;   Lin, S.J.;   Lin, T.-L.;   Litster, J.D.;   Maa, Y.F.;   Mallamace, F.;   Marshall, K.L.;   Mastrangelo, J.C.;   Mazza, M.G.;   McClain, B.R.;   Mochrie, S.G.;   Mourey, T.H.;   Ou, Y.T.;   Peng, G.-Y.;   Peng, K.Y.;   Rothberg, L.J.;   Rouch, J.;   Saito, S.;   Schmid, A.W.;   Sette, F.;   Sheu, H.-S.;   Shi, H.;   Stanley, H.E.;   Stevens, W.C.;   Su, A.-C.;   Su, C.-H.;   Tang, C.W.;   Tarek, M.;   Tartaglia, P.;   Tobias, D.J.;   Tsai, J.-C.;   Tsai, M.L.;   Tsao, C.S.;   Tsutsui, T.;   Vaeth, K.M.;   Wallace, J.U.;   Wei, J.-G.;   Weiss, T.M.;   Wu, W.R.;   Wu, Y.H.;   Xu, L.;   Yan, Z.;   Zhu, Yan;   de Rosa, M.E.

Publication Titles

1983: Mesophase formation in polynuclear aromatic compounds
1983: Mesophase formation in synthetic pitches
1984: Discotic mesophase formation in pitches
1988: A reexamination of the synthesis of liquid crystalline side-chain polyacrylates via liquid-liquid phase-transfer catalysis
1988: Physical properties of liquid-crystal side-chain polysiloxanes
1988: The preparation of liquid-crystalline side-chain polyacrylate by chemically modifying poly(sodium acrylate) in hexamethylphosphoramide
1989: Optical notch filter using thermotropic liquid crystalline polymers
1989: Purification of thermotropic liquid-crystalline siloxane oligomer with supercritical carbon dioxide
1989: Synthesis of thermotropic liquid crystalline side-chain polymers via chemical modification of polymeric carboxylic acids
1990: Helical sense in thermotropic liquid crystal copolymers in relation to the structure of a pendant chiral moiety
1990: New thermotropic chiral nematic copolymers using (1S,2S,3S,5R)-(+)-and (1R,2R,3R,5S)-(-)-isopinocampheol as building blocks
1990: Thermotropic and optical properties of chiral nematic polymers
1990: Thermotropic chiral nematic polymers as optical materials
1991: Facilitating the formation of the Grandjean texture in thermotropic chiral nematic side-chain copolymers via modulation of backbone flexibility
1991: New thermotropic chiral nematic copolymers. 2. A study of helical sense and twisting power based on copolymers containing (S)-(-)-1-phenylethanol and (R)-(-)-methyl mandelate
1993: A low-wave-vector expansion for reflectivity
1993: New thermotropic chiral nematic polymers. 3. Copolymers containing a cyanobiphenyl group and (S)-(-)-1-phenylethanol or (S)-(-)-1-phenylethylamine
1993: New thermotropic liquid crystal polymers containing the high birefringence cyanotolan moiety
1993: Optical pattern simulations for closed cylinders of liquid crystals
1993: Phase behavior of dense, three-component, ionic microemulsions and electrical conductivity in the lamellar phase
1994: X-ray reflectivity study of an oil-water interface in equilibrium with a middle-phase microemulsion
1995: Design, synthesis, and stability of organic glasses for advanced optical applications
1995: Rubbing-induced molecular alignment on a rubbed alkyl-branched polyimide film
1996: Dynamics of defect annihilation in vitrified liquid crystalline (VLC) thin films upon thermal annealing
1996: Electroluminescent diodes using cyclohexane-based glass forming liquid crystals and their analogs
1996: Novel vitrified liquid crystals and potential applications
1996: Polarized fluorescence from vitrified liquid crystalline films
1996: Theory of circularly polarized light emission from chiral nematic liquid crystalline films
1996: Use of glass-forming liquid crystal materials for electroluminescent diodes
1996: Vitrification and morphological stability of liquid crystals
1999: Circularly polarized light generated by photoexcitation of luminophores in glassy liquid-crystal films
1999: Circularly polarized light produced with glassy liquid-crystal films
2000: Glassy Liquid-Crystal Films with Opposite Chirality as High-Performance Optical Notch Filters and Reflectors
2000: Thermotropic Chiral-Nematic Poly(p-phenylene)s as a Paradigm of Helically Stacked .pi.-Conjugated Systems
2001: Circularly Polarized Photoluminescence from Gradient-Pitch Chiral-Nematic Films
2001: Collective Dynamics in Fully Hydrated Phospholipid Bilayers Studied by Inelastic X-Ray Scattering
2001: Short Wavelength Collective Dynamics in Phospholipid Bilayers: A Molecular Dynamics Study
2002: Supramolecular Aggregation in Bulk Poly(2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4- phenylenevinylene)
2003: Novel Glassy Nematic Liquid Crystals for Non-destructive Rewritable Optical Memory and Photonic Switching
2003: Strongly Polarized and Efficient Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Using Monodisperse Glassy Nematic Oligo(fluorene)s
2004: Aging of Poly(2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene)/Toluene Solutions and Subsequent Effects on Luminescence Behavior of Cast Films
2004: Molecular Aggregation and Luminescence Behavior of Bulk Poly(2,5,2',5'-tetrahexyloxy-8,7'-dicyano-di-p-phenylenevinylene)
2004: Molecular Aggregation and Luminescence Properties of Bulk Poly(2,5-di-n-octyloxy-1,4-phenylenevinylene)
2004: Molecular Packing in Crystalline Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene)
2004: Phase Behavior and Molecular Aggregation in Bulk Poly(2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene)
2005: Crystalline Forms and Emission Behavior of Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene)
2005: Morphology and Charge Transport in Poly(2-methoxy-5-(2'-ethylhexyloxy)-1,4-phenylenevinylene) Films
2005: Noncrystalline Phases in Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene)
2006: Phase Behavior of Poly(9,9-di-n-hexyl-2,7-fluorene)
2006: Simplified Scheme for Deterministic Synthesis of Chiral-Nematic Glassy Liquid Crystals
2007: Cold Crystallization of Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene)
2007: Supramolecular Aggregation of Regioregular Poly(4-alkyl-2,6-quinoline)s
2008: Liquid polyamorphism: Possible relation to the anomalous behaviour of water
2008: Structural Evolution of Nanograins during Cold Crystallization of Poly(9,9-di-n-octyl-2,7-fluorene) As Revealed via in Situ Small-Angle X-ray Scattering/Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering/Differential Scanning Calorimetry
2009: Nanograin Evolution in Cold Crystallization of Syndiotactic Polystyrene As Illustrated via in-Situ Small/Wide-Angle X-ray Scattering and Differential Scanning Calorimetry


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