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Chen, P.H.

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Chen, Pao H.;   Chen, Pao Hsu


Chen, S.-H.;   Chen, Zhaogen;   Chou, Stephen Y.;   Guenther, B.D.;   Guenther, Brett Dean;   Katsis, D.;   Khoo, I.-C.;   Khoo, Iam-Choon;   Mastrangelo, J.C.;   Shih, M.Y.;   Shih, Min-Yi;   Shishido, A.;   Slussarenko, S.;   Tsutsui, T.;   Wood, M.V.;   Yu, Zhaoning;   Zhang, Xumu

Publication Titles

1998: Nonlinear absorption and optical limiting of laser pulses in a liquid-cored fiber array
1998: Nonlinear optical liquid cored fiber array and liquid crystal film for ps-cw frequency agile laser optical limiting application
1999: Circularly polarized light produced with glassy liquid-crystal films
1999: Extremely nonlinear photosensitive liquid crystals for image sensing and sensor protection
1999: Nematic liquid crystal alignment and nonlinear diffraction with sub-wavelength surface gratings
1999: Nonlinear optical liquid cored fiber array and liquid crystalline film for optical limiting of frequency agile picosecond pulsed-CW laser
1999: Orientational optical nonlinearity of nematic liquid crystals for image conversion and optical limiting
2001: Supra optical nonlinearities (SON) of methyl red- and azobenzene liquid crystal - doped nematic liquid crystals


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Nonlinear Opt., 21, 85
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Opt. Express, 4, 432
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Proc. SPIE-Int. Soc. Opt. Eng., 3800, 52

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