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Chen, Jun

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Chen, J.;   Chen, Yun


Chen, Peng;   Cheng, Fangyi;   Deng, S.Z.;   He, Jia-Song;   Hirayama, Tsukasa;   Huang, Dan-Ding;   Huang, Ho-Chi;   Ishizuka, Kazuo;   Kwok, Hoi S.;   Kwok, Hoi-Sing;   Lai, Guanming;   Liang, Jing;   Liu, Shangying;   Sun, Dejun;   Tang, Shu-Tuen;   Tanji, Takayoshi;   Tao, Zhanliang;   Tonomura, Akira;   Wang, Ning;   Wu, Zhong-Hua;   Xu, N.S.;   Yu, F.H.;   Yu, Fei-Hong;   Zhang, Baoqing;   Zhang, Jie;   Zhang, Jun;   Zhang, Yu

Publication Titles

1993: Aberration correction by electron holography using a liquid crystal spatial-light modulator
1993: Real-time electron-holographic interference microscopy with a liquid-crystal spatial light modulator
1997: Design and fabrication of reflective nematic displays with only one polarizer
1998: Reflective supertwisted nematic liquid crystals displays
2000: Two-Dimensional Optical Analysis of Small Pixels in Reflective Silicon Microdisplay
2005: Lamellar phase in colloidal suspensions of positively charged LDHs platelets
2006: Effect of glass bead packing on the fibrillation of liquid-crystalline polymer in polycarbonate
2008: Fully sealed carbon nanotube flat-panel light source and its application as thin film transistor–liquid-crystal display backlight
2008: Template-Directed Materials for Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Batteries


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