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Chen, Jianhua

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Chen, J.;   Cheng, Jianhua


Arnold, Fred E.;   Barry, Ralph J.;   Cheng, Stephen Z.D.;   Ferrera, David A.;   Michaels, George C.;   Percec, Virgil;   Wang, Lixiao;   Yandrasites, Michael A.;   Yandrasits, Michael A.;   Zhang, Anqiu

Publication Titles

1993: Crystal structure and mesophase morphology of MBPE polyethers containing odd-number methylene spacers
1994: Crystallization behavior of polyethers containing odd numbers of methylene spacers from the isotropic and liquid crystalline states
1999: Balloons made from liquid crystal polymer blends
2001: Medical devices made from polymer blends containing low melting temperature Liquid crystal polymers

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