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Chen, C.C.

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Chen, Cheng-Chung;   Chen, Chi Chien;   Chen, Chia-Chen;   Chen, Chia-Chun;   Chen, Chien-Chuan;   Chen, Chien-Chung;   Chen, Chih-Chuan;   Chen, Chih-Chun;   Chen, Chin-Chang;   Chen, Ching-Chuan;   Chen, Chun-Chung;   Chen, S.C.;   Chien, C.C.


Chao, C.-Y.;   Chen, K.H.;   Chen, L.C.;   Chen, Y.-F.;   Chu, K.C.;   Dhara, S.;   Hsu, C.W.;   Lan, Z.H.;   Liang, C.H.;   Lin, H.-M.;   Wu, C.T.;   Wu, Y.C.

Publication Titles

2004: Nanohomojunction (GaN) and Nanoheterojunction (InN) Nanorods on One-Dimensional GaN Nanowire Substrates
2006: Electrically controlled surface plasmon resonance frequency of gold nanorods

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