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Cheda, J.A.R.


Burns, R.J.;   Ferloni, P.;   Fernandez Martin, F.;   Fernandez-Martin, F.;   Fernández-Martín, F.;   Garcia, M.V.;   García Pérez, M.V.;   García, M.V.;   Gargani, S.;   Garrido, L.;   Gonzalez-Tejera, M.J.;   Ijdo, W.L.;   Jones, L.L.;   Labban, A.K.;   Lin, C.-C.;   Lopez de la Fuente, F.L.;   López de la Fuente, F.L.;   López-Andrés, S.;   Martínez Casado, F.J.;   Ngeyi, Stanley-Pierre;   Ramos Riesco, M.;   Redondo, M.I.;   Roux, M.V.;   Sanchez Arenas, A.;   Sánchez Arenas, A.;   Turrion, C.;   Ugarelli, P.;   Ungarelli, P.;   Westrum, E.F.;   Westrum, Edgar F.;   Xu, Yinghong

Publication Titles

1987: Thermodynamics of thallium alkanoates. III. Heat capacity and thermodynamic functions of thallium(I) n-tetradecanoate from 7 to 450 K
1987: Thermophysics of thallium alkanoates. IV. Heat capacity and thermodynamic functions of thallium (I) n-dodecanoate from 7 to 470 K
1989: Thermodynamics of thallium alkanoates VI. Thallium(I) n-heptanoate revisited
1992: Liquid Crystalline Phases in the Binary System n-Decanoic Acid - Ti(I) n-Decanoate
1994: Thermodynamics of thallium alkanoates VIII. Heat capacity and derived thermophysical properties of thallium(I) propanoate and pentanoate at temperatures from 6 K to 490 K
1994: Thermodynamics of the thallium alkanoates. VII. Heat capacity and thermophysics of thalium(I) butanoate at temperatures from 6 K to 480 K
1995: Spectroscopic study of the phase transitions of copper(II) n-alkanoates
1995: Thermodynamics of the thallium alkanoates. IX. Thermodynamics of thallium(I) n-octanoate from temperatures of 6 to 490 K
1995: Thermophysical study of lead(II) n-alkanoates by DSC, optical microscopy, FTIR and Raman spectroscopy
1996: Lead(II) Di-n-tridecanoate + n-Tridecanoic Acid Phase Diagram: A Surfactant-Solvent-like Behavior
1999: A thermophysical study of the melting process in alkyl chain metal n-alkanoates: The thallium(I) series
2004: Short chain copper(II) n-alkanoate liquid crystals
2008: A Novel Rotator Glass in Lead(II) Pentanoate: Calorimetric and Spectroscopic Study


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