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Chachaty, C.

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Chachaty, Claude


Belaid, S.;   Bredel, T.;   Bredel, Th.;   Caniparoli, J.P.;   Faure, A.;   Gaillard, J.;   Gallot, B.;   Giroud-Godquin, A.M.;   Grassi, A.;   Gregoire, P.;   Korb, J.-P.;   Korb, J.P.;   Lovera, J.;   Maruani, J.;   Perly, B.;   Quaegebeur, J.P.;   Soulie, E.;   Terech, P.;   Tistchenko, A.M.;   Wolf, C.;   van der Maarel, J.R.C.

Publication Titles

1982: NMR and ESR evidence of molecular aggregates in sodium dibutyl phosphate aqueous solutions
1983: Nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of a sodium dibutyl phosphate/water lyotropic mesophase
1984: Orientation and molecular dynamics of paramagnetic probes in the sodium dibutylphosphate-water lamellar phase
1984: Proton, deuteron and oxygen-17 nuclear magnetic relaxation and water reorientation in a lyotropic lamellar phase
1985: Lyotropic phases from short chain monoalkyl phosphate/water systems. A multinuclear NMR and x-ray diffraction study
1985: Structural and thermodynamic study of the lyotropic liquid crystals of water/sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl)phosphate
1986: Conformations and dynamical behavior of surfactant molecules in short-chain alkyl phosphate/water mesophases
1987: Electron paramagnetic resonance study of the physical gelation of a copper complex in cyclohexane
1988: Constrained conformations, molecular ordering, and dynamics in lyotropic mesophases of double-tailed surfactants: a deuterium, carbon-13, nitrogen-14 and phosphorus-31 NMR study
1988: Correlated internal motions and nuclear spin relaxation in lamellar mesophase
1988: Paramagnetic nuclear relaxation study of the structure and dynamics of lyotropic lamellar phases
1988: Paramagnetically enhanced nuclear relaxation in lyotropic lamellar phases: application to double-tailed surfactants
1988: Thermotropic ionic liquid crystals of pyridinium octylphosphate: a NMR and x-ray study
1989: NMR investigation of ordering and dynamics of benzene derivatives in a lamellar lyotropic mesophase
1990: Theory of dipolar relaxation in lamellar system: application to lyotropic liquid crystals
1991: Some recent applications of computer simulations of ESR spectra to the dynamics of spin probes in gels and membranes


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