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Blinc, R.;   Blinc, Robert;   Copic, Martin;   Dabrowski, Roman;   Gomola, Kinga;   Górecka, Ewa;   Heppke, Gerd;   Hock, Ong Lye;   Kityk, A.V.;   Lum, Chia Yuee;   Mavri, Janez;   Mieczkowski, Jozef;   Moro, D.;   Musevic, I.;   Muševic, I.;   Nakata, Michi;   Pociecha, Damian;   Rastegar, A.;   Rovsek, Barbara;   Rovšek, Barbara;   Skarabot, M.;   Susman, Katarina;   Takezoe, Hideo;   Urbanc, Brigita;   Vaupoti, Nataa;   Vaupotic, Natasa;   Vaupotic, Nataša;   Yong, Tan Teng;   Žekš, Boštjan

Publication Titles

1991: Landau-Khalatnikov dynamics of helicoidal antiferroelectric liquid crystals
1992: Phenomenological Model of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
1993: A phenomenological model of antiferroelectric liquid crystals
1995: Influence of competing interlayer interactions on the structure of the Sm C*α phase
1996: Observation of an opticlike phase mode in an antiferroelectric liquid crystal
1996: Optical properties of antiferroelectric liquid crystals in free-standing films
1997: Electrostatic interlayer interactions in tilted polar smectic liquid crystals
1998: Birefringence and tilt angle in the antiferroelectric, ferroelectric, and intermediate phases of chiral smectic liquid crystals
1998: Phenomenological model for antiferroelectric liquid crystals: phase sequences
1998: Structures, transition temperatures and macroscopic polarization of antiferroelectric liquid crystals in free standing films
1999: Structures of possible phases of achiral polar smectic liquid crystals formed by bow shaped molecules
1999: Surface transitions in free standing films of antiferroelectric liquid crystals within the discrete phenomenological model
2000: Dielectric response of antiferroelectric liquid crystals
2000: Flexoelectrically induced polarization in polar smectic films
2000: Possible stable structures of chiral polar smectics with significant interactions between next nearest layers
2000: Uniplanar smectic phases in free-standing films
2001: Anticlinic Surfaces in Freely Suspended Smectic Films Stabilized by Electrostatic Interactions
2001: Flexoelectricity and Piezoelectricity: The Reason for the Rich Variety of Phases in Antiferroelectric Smectic Liquid Crystals
2001: Short pitch structures in smectics with interactions over more than two layers
2002: Electric-field-induced transition between the anticlinic and the synclinic smectic-C surfaces in free-standing films
2002: Enhanced chirality of SmC*/C*A phases by doping with achiral molecules
2002: Structure of Intermediate Ferrielectric Phases
2003: Ferroelectric Mesophase with Randomized Interlayer Structure
2004: Devil's staircase and harmless staircase in the smectic-Ca* phase in an electric field
2005: Antiferroelectric Properties Induced by External Electric Field
2005: Effect of Bent-Shaped Dopant on a Chiral Structure - Microscopic Model
2005: Possible Isostructural Transitions in the Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals in High External Electric Fields
2005: Short Pitch Smectic Structures in Electric Field
2005: Spontaneous Breaking of Minimal Surface Condition: Labyrinths in Free Standing Smectic Films
2005: Spontaneous breaking of minimal surface condition: Labyrinths in free standing smectic films
2006: Molecular, Structural and Induced Chirality-Microscopic Model for Chiral Smectics
2007: Chirality, Chirality Transfer and the Chiroclinic Effect
2007: Orihara-Ishibashi Continuous Model of Antiferroelectric Liquid Crystals
2008: Modulated general tilt structures in bent-core liquid crystals
2009: Evidence for general tilt columnar liquid crystalline phase
2010: Is the General Angle Between the Tilt and the Polarization Possible in Rod-Like Systems?
2010: Theoretical Explanation of the Continuous Pitch Evolution


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