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Centore, Roberto

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Centore, R.


Armatys, Pawel;   Brusatin, Giovanna;   Carella, Antonio;   Caruso, Ugo;   Casalboni, Mauro;   Chollet, Pierre-Alain;   Ciajolo, Maria Rosaria;   Fresa, Rosa;   Garzillo, Carmine;   Giustina, Gioia della;   Guglielmi, Massimo;   Kajzar, Francois;   Kricheldorf, Hans R.;   Napolitano, Roberto;   Niziol, Jacek;   Panunzi, Barbara;   Persico, Paola;   Pirozzi, Beniamino;   Quatela, Alessia;   Rau, Ileana;   Roviello, Antonio;   Sarcinelli, Felice;   Sirigu, Augusto;   Tuzi, Angela;   Villano, Paola;   van der Boom, Milko E.

Publication Titles

1992: Thermotropic and lyotropic mesomorphism in a polymeric network with low cross-link density
1993: Liquid-crystalline polymorphism in a new class of semiflexible polyesters containing a 2-phenylbenzoxazole group
1994: Liquid-crystal behavior of some laterally substituted stiff-chain polyesters containing 2-phenylbenzoxazole units
1996: Polymers containing substituted 2-phenyl-benzoxazole side-chain groups: synthesis and phase behavior
1996: Two mesogenic nitrobenzoxazoles
1997: Structural and theoretical analysis of some mesogenic azines containing strong electron donor-acceptor groups
1997: Study of the conformational disorder in polyesters giving liquid - crystalline phases
2003: Synthesis and nonlinear optical properties of methacrylate polymers based on 2-[4-(N-methyl,N-hydroxyethylamino)phenylazo]-phenyl-6-nitrobenzoxazole chromophore
2006: Novel High Glass Transition Temperature Polyurethanes Functionalized with Efficient CT Chromophores for Second Order NLO Applications
2006: Novel Sol-Gel Systems for Application in Optical Signal Processing
2006: Odd liquid crystalline dimers can be linear
2007: Mean field analysis of four liquid crystalline odd-even ester dimers
2009: Reduced odd-even effects in liquid crystalline carbonate dimers: molecular field analysis


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