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Aihara, Yoshihiko;   Alamo, Rufina G.;   Bluhm, Aaron;   Brillhart, Mark;   Brillhart, Mark V.;   Capel, Malcolm;   Carbeck, Jeffery;   Cheng, Yao-Yi;   Chung, Jerry Sengshiu;   Chung, Sengshiu;   Dai, Patrick S.;   Dai, Patrick Shuanghua;   Georgiev, Georgi;   Hu, Xiao;   Kaplan, David;   Mandelkern, Leo;   Oyebode, Elizabeth;   Rich, David C.;   Schreuder-Gibson, Heidi;   Sichel, Enid;   Sichel, Enid K.;   St. Clair, Anne;   Stapler, John;   Yeomans, Walter

Publication Titles

1990: Melting behavior of high-performance composite matrix polymers: poly(phenylene sulfide)
1990: Melting behavior of high-performance polymers: poly(phenylene sulfide)
1992: Crystallization and melting of cold-crystallized poly(phenylene sulfide)
1992: Effect of zone drawing on blends of NEW-TPI polyimide and Xydar liquid-crystalline polymer
1992: Melting behavior of poly(phenylene sulfide). 1. Single-stage melt crystallization
1992: Melting behavior of poly(phenylene sulfide). 2. Multiple-stage melt crystallization
1992: Preliminary characterization of stilbene-substituted liquid crystal polycarbonates
1993: Processing of semicrystalline polymers
1994: Zone drawn NEW-TPI thermoplastic polyimide and its blends with Xydar liquid crystalline polymer
1995: Small-angle x-ray scattering study of liquid crystalline polycarbonates based on .alpha.-methyl stilbene mesogen and methylene-containing flexible spacer
1996: Photo-induced surface alignment of nematic liquid crystals on polyamide-imide layers
1996: Polyamide-imide films as liquid crystal photo-alignment layers
1996: X-ray scattering and thermal analysis study of the effects of molecular weight on phase structure in blends of poly(butylene terephthalate) with polycarbonate
1996: X-ray scattering and thermal characterization of α,β-dimethyl stilbene polycarbonates
1997: Alignment of nematic liquid crystals on photo-irradiated polyamide-imide surfaces
1997: Thermal transition in liquid crystal alignment layer films
1998: Alignment layer relaxation - a technique for assessing thermal transitions in polymer films
1998: Real-time SAXS and thermal analysis study of multiple melting behavior in peek
1999: Effects of melt processing on evolution of structure in PEEK
2000: Simultaneous in-situ SAXS and WAXS study of crystallization and melting behavior of metallocene isotactic poly(propylene)
2008: Dynamic Protein-Water Relationships during -Sheet Formation


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