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Catellani, Marinella

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Catellani, M.


Abbate, Sergio;   Arosio, Paolo;   Bertini, Fabio;   Bolognesi, Alberto;   Cugola, Ruggero;   Famulari, Antonino;   Giovanella, Umberto;   Lebon, France;   Longhi, Giovanna;   Luzzati, Silvia;   Meille, Stefano Valdo;   Moreno, Margherita;   Raos, Guido;   di Gianvincenzo, Paolo

Publication Titles

2002: Solid-State Optical and Structural Modifications Induced by Temperature in a Chiral Poly-3-alkylthiophene
2006: Thermal characterization and annealing effects of polythiophene/fullerene photoactive layers for solar cells
2009: Ordered Stacking of Regioregular Head-to-Tail Polyalkylthiophenes: Insights from the Crystal Structure of Form I' Poly(3-n-butylthiophene)

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