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Casquilho, J.P.


Blumstein, A.;   Cruz, C.;   Esnault, P.;   Figueirinhas, J.;   Figueirinhas, J.L.;   Goncalves, L.N.;   Gonçalves, L.N.;   Guerra, M.;   Martins, A.F.;   Martins, R.;   Mauzac, M.;   Pinto, R.M.;   Ribeiro, A.C.;   Richard, H.;   Volino, F.

Publication Titles

1988: On the influence of elastic modes on the NMR lineshapes of polymer liquid crystals
1990: Reorientation instabilities and viscoelastic measurements in a main chain thermotropic nematic polymer. Optical and NMR studies
1990: Viscoelastic parameters of a side-chain nematic polymer. I. Results of a proton NMR study
1990: Viscoelastic parameters of a side-chain nematic polymer. II. Analysis of NMR results in terms of the anisotropic dumbbell model
1992: NMR Study of the Long Time, Defect Controlled, Magnetic Field Reorientation of a Nematic Polymer Liquid Crystal
1993: NMR study of the long time, defect-controlled, magnetic reorientation of a nematic polymer liquid crystal
1996: On the influence of the Frank elasticity on the magnetic reorientation of nematic polymers
1997: Nematics under External Fields: Static Stability Analysis
1998: Change of the nature of the multicritical point in magnetically induced splay-twist Freedericksz transitions
1998: Critical behavior of nematic liquid crystals in oblique magnetic fields
1998: Nematics under external fields: static stability analysis
1999: Freedericksz transition thresholds in pretilted nematic slabs
1999: Linear analysis of pattern formation in nematics in oblique magnetic fields
2002: Experimental Study of Transient Patterns in the Non-Fréedericksz Twist-Geometry
2002: Formation and Evolution of Spatial-Temporal Patterns in Nematic Cells in the non-Fréedericksz Twist-Geometry
2002: Linear analysis of transient pattern evolution in the non-Freedericksz twist geometry
2002: Onset of Periodic Distorted Nematic Director Structures in the Intermediate Fréedericksz Transition Geometries
2003: Experimental study of the director pattern dynamics in the vicinity of the Fréedericksz twist geometry
2004: Periodic Distorted Nematic Director Structures in the Intermediate FrÉedericksz Transition Geometries
2004: Transient Pattern Dynamics in the Magnetic Non-Fréedericksz Twist Geometry
2005: Analysis of the Shear-Induced Pattern Formation in Nematic Polymer Liquid Crystals Under an Applied Magnetic Field
2005: On the effect of an applied magnetic field on the shear-induced pattern formation in nematic polymer liquid crystals
2005: Perturbative analysis of the nematic director reorientation dynamics induced by a magnetic field rotation in confined media
2008: Perturbative analysis of the magnetic field effect on the stability of the shear flow of a nematic polymer
2009: On the Effect of a Rotating Magnetic Field or Sample on the Bend Freedericksz Critical Field in Nematic Slabs


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