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Casagrande, C.

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Casagrande, Christiane;   Cassagrande, C.


Cabuil, V.;   Deloche, B.;   Dubault, A.;   Fabre, P.;   Finkelmann, Heino;   Guedeau, M.A.;   Martinoty, P.;   Massart, R.;   Mattoussi, H.;   Veyssie, M.;   Veyssié, M.;   Weill, C.

Publication Titles

1978: Solubilization of a polymer chain in a nematic phase; effect on the twist viscosity
1980: Pseudo clearing temperature in binary polymer-nematic solutions
1982: Flexible polymers in nematic solvents: phase diagrams in dilute regime
1982: Phase separations in the mixtures of a mesomorphic polymer with a low molecular mass liquid crystal
1983: Dynamics of a Fredericks transition in side chain nematic polymers: determination of the viscoelastic coefficients K1 and γ1
1983: Flexible polymers in a nematic medium: ultrasonic measurements
1983: Some physical properties of side chain mesomorphic polymers in nematic phase (melt and solutions)
1984: Elastic coefficients and twist viscosity in side-chain mesomorphic polymers
1986: Nematic solutions of nematic side chain polymers: twist viscosity effect in the dilute regime
1987: Determination of the critical point in nematic solutions of nematic polymers
1987: Nematic solutions of side chain nematic polymers; a viscoelastic study
1987: Observation of anisotropic droplets in nematic-nematic phase separation
1990: Ferrosmectics: a new magnetic and mesomorphic phase


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