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Casademunt, J.

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Casademunt, Jaume


Alvarez-Lacalle, E.;   Buka, Ágnes;   Börzsönyi, T.;   Carrillo, O.;   Folch, R.;   García-Ojalvo, J.;   González-Cinca, R.;   Hernandez-Machado, A.;   Hernándex-Machado, A.;   Hernández-Machado, A.;   Ibañes, M.;   Kramer, L.;   Ortín, J.;   Pauné, E.;   Ramírez-Piscina, L.;   Rüdiger, S.;   Sancho, J.M.;   Siegel, M.;   Szabon, J.;   Toth-Katona, T.;   Tóth Katona, T.;   Tóth-Katona, T.;   Váradi, Z.

Publication Titles

1996: Pattern formation during mesophase growth in a homologous series
1996: Phase-field simulations and experiments of faceted growth in liquid crystals
1998: Heat diffusion anisotropy in dendritic growth: phase field simulations and experiments in liquid crystals
2000: Periodic forcing in viscous fingering of a nematic liquid crystal
2000: Viscous fingering in liquid crystals: Anisotropy and morphological transitions
2002: Effects of small surface tension in Hele-Shaw multifinger dynamics: An analytical and numerical study
2003: Intrinsic noise-induced phase transitions: Beyond the noise interpretation
2003: Systematic weakly nonlinear analysis of radial viscous fingering
2007: Dynamics of Domain Walls in Pattern Formation with Traveling-Wave Forcing


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