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Carlsson, T.

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Carlson, T.;   Carlsson, Tomas


Andersson, G.;   Ardill, R.W.B.;   Blinc, R.;   Blinc, Robert;   Bregar, Z.;   Brunet, M.;   Buivydas, M.;   Clark, Noel A.;   Dahl, I.;   Filipi, C.;   Filipic, C.;   Filipic, Cene;   Flatichler, K.;   Glogarova, M.;   Goodby, J.W.;   Gouda, F.;   Huang, C.C.;   Komitov, Lachezar;   Kutnjak, Z.;   Kutnjak-Urbanc, B.;   Lagerwall, S.T.;   Leslie, F.M.;   Levstik, A.;   Levstik, Adrijan;   Levstik, I.;   Lien, S.C.;   Meier, J.G.;   Musevic, I.;   Nobili, M.;   Osipov, Mikhail A.;   Petrenko, A.S.;   Rudquist, P.;   Skarp, Kent;   Stebler, B.;   Stewart, I.W.;   Urbanc, B.;   Zou, Z.;   Žekš, Boštjan

Publication Titles

1981: Anomalous shear flow alignment in nematic 8CB
1981: Flow properties of nematic 8CB: an example of diverging and vanishing α3
1981: The stabilizing effect of an electric field on the shear flow of nematic liquid crystals when α3 > 0: flow alignment regained
1982: The possibility of the existence of a positive Leslie viscosity α2. Proposed flow behavior of disk like nematic liquid crystals
1983: Dependence of the tilt angle on external forces for smectic-C and chiral smectic-C liquid crystals - measurement of the heat capacity of DOBAMBC
1983: Remarks on the flow alignment of disc like nematics
1984: Determination of the coefficients in Landau free energy near the smectic A-chiral smectic C transition for the liquid crystal MBRA8
1984: Stability of the shear flow of nematic liquid crystals with a positive Leslie coefficient {\f1 a}{\sub 3}
1984: Theoretical investigation of the shear flow of nematic liquid crystals with the Leslie viscosity α3 > 0: hydrodynamic analog of first order phase transitions
1984: Unit spere description of the shear flow of nematic liquid crystals - Hamiltonian mechanics on a sphere
1986: Observation of the tumbling instability in torsional shear flow of a nematic liquid crystal with .alpha.3 > 0
1987: Anomalous behavior of the spontaneous polarization of ferroelectric, smectic C* liquid crystals
1987: Comment on polarization and tilt-angle measurements near the smectic-A-chiral smectic-C transition of DOBAMBC
1987: Ferroelectric liquid crystals
1987: Generalized Landau model of ferroelectric liquid crystals
1987: Goldstone mode and soft mode at the smectic-A–smectic-C* phase transition studied by dielectric relaxation
1987: Spontaneous polarization of helicoidal ferroelectric smectic C* liquid crystals
1988: Dielectric properties near the smectic-C*–smectic-A phase transition of some ferroelectric liquid-crystalline systems with a very large spontaneous polarization
1988: Dielectric relaxation and the determination of the smectic A-smectic C* phase transition temperature in DOBAMBC
1988: Thermodynamic model of ferroelectric chiral smectic C* liquid crystals
1989: Behavior of the soft mode in the smectic A* and C* phases studied by dielectric measurements
1989: Experimental and theoretical study of the influence of a bias electric field on the dielectric properties of the chiral smectic A* phase
1990: Dielectric method for determining the rotational viscosity in thick samples of ferroelectric chiral smectic-C* liquid crystals
1990: Theoretical model of the frequency and temperature dependence of the complex dielectric constant of ferroelectric liquid crystals near the smectic-C*-smectic-A phase transition
1991: A dielectric method for determining the rotational viscosity in ferroelectric liquid crystals
1991: Behavior of biaxial nematics in the presence of electric and magnetic fields. Evidence of bistability
1991: Nonlinear effects in the dielectric response of ferroelectric liquid crystals
1992: Soft-mode dielectric anomaly of a chiral smectic-B liquid crystal with sign reversal in the electroclinic response
1992: The Influence of Flow on the Switching of SSFLC Cells
1993: Chaos in smectic liquid crystals
1993: Dielectric response of ferroelectric Sc* liquid crystals in a bias electric field
1994: Chaotic instabilities in smectic-C liquid crystals
1994: Frequency dependence of the dielectric biaxiality in the chiral smectic C phase and the observation of a compound with negative dielectric biaxiality
1994: Manifestation of biquadratic coupling in the smectic C* phase soft mode dielectric response
1995: Macroscopic theory for the flow behavior of smectic-C and smectic-C liquid crystals
1996: Subharmonics arising from the application of an electric field across a smectic-C liquid crystal
1996: Theoretical study of layer alignment in shear flow of smectic A liquid crystals
1997: Flow alignment in biaxial and discotic nematics
1997: The flexoelectro-optic effect in cholesterics
1999: Theoretical model for layer rotations in smectic-A* liquid crystals subject to asymmetric electric fields
2002: Structural Investigations of the Antiferroelectric TGB Phase


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