Index Name

Carius, Hans-Eckart

Alternative Writings

Carius, H.E.

Similar Names

Carius, H.-E.


Brostow, Witold;   Fricke, Rolf;   Frunza, Ligia;   Frunza, Stefan;   Guigner, Delphine;   Kosslick, Hendrik;   Schönhals, Andreas;   Sterzynski, Tomasz;   Zubowa, Heide-Lore

Publication Titles

1996: Dielectric and Mechanical Relaxation in the Blends of a Polymer Liquid Crystal with Polycarbonate
1999: On the confinement of liquid crystals in molecular sieves: dielectric measurements
2000: Dielectric properties of thermotropic polymer liquid crystals

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